Shallow? You Betcha.

Amber McCormick
May 31 2009 11:19AM


I have no doubt that Pat Quinn will be a breath of fresh air to the Edmonton Oilers coaching staff but let’s face it, Renney would have been a better choice as far as the Hot-O-Meter is concerned. Come on, admit it. You know I’m right and I know you’ve thought the same thing.

Pat Quinn is reminiscent of an old man living in my neighborhood growing up. He was bitter, tired and generally pissed off at the world. When passing him, being the polite and charming child I was, I would often say hi to this anger-ridden old fart only to be faced with a bark of “It’s not hi, it’s hello. Damn kids... mumble mumble... gurgle... burp”. So forgive me if I’m already off to a bad start with Mr. Quinn. Perhaps some therapy provided by OilersNation would help me through my troubled past.

Tom Renney! *swoon* Now here’s a man with the face for professional sports. I could watch many an interview with this guy. He’s dashing, debonair, and radiant with charisma. Plus, once retired, I would feel confident buying a used car from him. A trusting face goes a long way. Just look at Ted Bundy.

Kelly “The Hills Have Eyes” Buchberger will still be on as assisting coach so clearly he’s doing something right but I can’t imagine it has much to do with his mug. That’s all I have to say about that.

Let’s just hope that with this new addition of experience that we all get what we want; a nice shiny cup to bring home next year.

Amber lives in Edmonton. Everyday she tries to do her part in preserving nature. Tomorrow she's pickling squirrels. Amber doesn't sweat the petty thing and she doesn't pet the sweaty things.