WJC: Thanks for the memories, Team Canada

January 06 2010 10:23AM

Regardless of what Willis has to say about Jordan Eberle's future in the NHL, I can't help but be beaming at this young man's performance in the World Junior Tournament. Whether he's breaking out, or in some kind of weird career Twilight Zone of Goodness right now isn't really that important to me.

OK, it *is* important. Or rather, it will be important once the memories of the tournament fade. Because despite the fact that Canada lost the gold-medal match (to an outstanding Team USA, can I just say), Eberle was the tournament MVP, and right now we honour his contribution to Canadian hockey.

Later on this week, we can resume the hand-wringing. Right now, let's be proud he's playing for the good guys.

Also, to the people of Saskatchewan: you are a classy bunch of hosts, and the way you all cheered on Team USA when they won the game last night was astonishing and inspirational. A lesser audience might have filed out quietly. A douchier audience would have booed, but not you. You applauded a well-fought tournament, and a winning Team USA. You've done this Nation proud.

In the words of CanucksArmy General Cam Davie: "The fans in Saskatoon are showing insane amounts of class. Good on ya.

To Team USA: We'll see you boys next year. Oh yes. We will.

Now I feel like eating a sandwich...

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