Playoff Time, Baby!

Jason Strudwick
April 11 2012 03:30PM

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

I love the first round of the playoffs. It seems like a hockey game is on every minute of the day. The intensity is raised a level or two from the regular season.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy the other rounds as well but there is something about the first that as a fan gets me fired up!

This years first round has some great match ups. Everyone is talking about the Pittsburg/Philadelphia series as well as the Vancouver/L.A Kings battle.

I am really looking forward to the Boston Bruin and Washington Capital series. Boston will play their usual rough style against the Caps. The Caps might surprise the Bruins. With players like Ward, Chimera, Laich, Brouwer and Knuble the Caps has the potential to meet the Bruins head on in that style play.

I think this series might go the distance. I could be wrong of course. The Caps also have a few top end players that have been known to pay their two dollars and just public skate during the playoffs. We will know in two weeks!

Crack out the Pilsner and chicken wings. Tell your mom to put a meat loaf in the oven! It is playoff time baby!

Jason hosts the Jason Strudwick show from 9pm to 12am, weeknights on the team 1260. He is an instructor at Mount Carmel Hockey Academy and loves working with the kids. Having played over 650 games in the NHL, Jason has some great stories and unique takes on life in the NHL. He loves Slurpees and Blizzards. Dislikes baggy clothes and close talkers.