June 05 2012 12:37PM


Last offseason Ryan Smyth made it known he wanted to be traded from the LA Kings to the team where it all began - our beloved Edmonton Oilers. Daryl "Kay-Z" Katz got personally involved to make his wish a reality, telling Smyth that if he came back to Edmonton he would remain an Oiler for the rest of his career.

One summer later the Kings are in the Cup Final, the Oilers are picking first overall for the third year in a row and the Smyth and Katz and Co are miles apart on a deal.

Poor ol' Smytty.


You gotta think that if the dashing young Devil with the jaunty moustache doesn't have the most productive summer of his career he may be on the outside looking in quicker than you can say "back-to-back-to-back-to-back first pick overall."

A hole ridden defensive corps, unaddressed team toughness and (insert commonly acknowledged problems 1-155 here) remain at the top of everyone's to do list outside of the impossibly quiet Oilers offices.

The good news in the contract negotiations is that both parties are in total agreement that the "Player" in the contract is "Ryan Smyth" and the "Team" is the "Edmonton Oilers." That just leaves the term of the contract, the amount of money to be paid and every other facet open to screaming negotiation.

We are sure that Hall, The Nuge and Eberle are watching how the Oil are treating the legend who has given everything to the team with close interest. On the eve of being asked to show loyalty to the club in their own contract negotiations they are getting a good preview of how their own battles with the current regime will proabably unfold.



What do you do when the 100 man GM committee of the team don't get their act together and you finish 2nd last and then win 1st pick overall in the draft lottery again? Well here at NationHQ you decide to have another Draft Party in a row at everyone's favourite bar The Pint Downtown.

And if you are having a 1st pick party for the the 3rd year in a row you are probably starting to get pretty good at it. This year we are pulling out all of the stops - a cup winning Oiler legend will be in the house, there are gonna be a boatload of sick auction prizes and oh yeah - 100 Nation Gear T-Shirts will be for sale on a one time only basis.

What are we doing with all the money raised? We are gonna shoot to gather together $2,500 to feed 10,000 children in Afrtica through Earth Group - an awesome local charity that deserves all of the support we can muster in the coming months.

We will tell you more exciting details in the weeks to come but mark it down on your calendar for the time being will ya?

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