NHLNumbers Podcast: A Look at Free Agency, with James Mirtle

NHLnumbers Podcast
July 16 2012 01:12PM



In the latest installment of the podcast, we discussed the not-so-frenzied free-agent frenzy.

In the first part, Corey, Chase and I talked about the signings, including what Parise and Suter mean to the Wild, where Detroit will go from here, the Carey Price and Jonathan Quick contract extensions as well as the Tampa Bay Lightning signing Matt Carle.

James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail was kind enough to join Brent and me to talk about the big signings, what Burke has up his sleeve in Toronto and the CBA negotiations.


The whole thing.

Part 1 

Corey, Chase and Jared talk about the free-agent signings.

Part 2

James Mirtle interview.

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#1 Stephan Cooper
July 16 2012, 02:59PM
Trash it!

Montreal won't be close to over the 70 million cap this summer and will at worst be in the pack of about 5 teams close to the top (ie Vancouver, Calgary, Minnesota, San Jose). They aren't relying on Gomez's deal disappearing into the AHL this year.

If the cap goes down without a commensurate salary rollback or buyout provisions then they aren't any more screwed on the cap than the other top spending teams.

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