Nations State of the Union - July 20, 2012

Kent Wilson
July 20 2012 03:13PM



In Wanye's Nerd Camp update, there were some questions about the Nation's platform and some requests for some new features in comment section. With news winding down and hockey coverage entering the doldrums of August, I figured it was time for a state of the union address. Or, at least, state of the union cogent bullet point list.

Slow and Steady Builds the Platform

- First up, as mentioned by Wanye, we have a wishlist a mile long when it comes to additional functions we'd like to add to the platform - like buttons! Share buttons! Tweet buttons! Dig buttons (well, not anymore)! Etc! And that's just the stuff you guys see; there's a whole other list of things our writers want added to the back-end.

One thing we can say for sure is it will happen. Some day. We don't make wishlists just for the fun of it around here. The issue always comes down to time and resources and we choose to pour a lot of the latter into the talent. That slows our tech development a bit, but we think it's worth it to find and keep some of the good folks you see appearing across the network.

Of course, if you have any recommendations, requests or suggestions for new things or functions you'd like to see here down the road, feel free to comment or shoot me an email (

- So our medium term goal is to redevelop the whole thing from stem-to-sterm to give the writers a better place to write and, more importantly, give the readers a better overall experience. Our short term goal is to get a few of these other sites on their feet and bringing in some coin. OilersNation carries the load for the entire shebang right now, but we're on the verge of getting a few of other sites over the hump. Once sites like FlamesNation, CanucksArmy and LeafsNation start selling a few ads of their own, we'll be able to hire half a dozen more mad scientists to slave away in Wanye's basement on behalf of the Nation's.

Great Success!

- Speaking of CanucksArmy and LeafsNation, those two sites have experienced massive growth over the last calender year or so (300%+), thanks in no small pat to the singular efforts of guys like Thom Drance, Cam Charron, Jeff Angus, JP Nikota and Danny Gray. Next up, we want to find some Jason Gregor's and Robin Brownlee's for other markets so we can replicate the MSM+blog+humor+Wanye rants which has worked so well in Edmonton.

- JetsNation remains uh,'s potential is unrealized right now. Finding capable fans and media to write consistently for our Winnipeg site has proven to be a big challenge so far. If you know of any knowledgeable Jets fan or writer you think would be a good fit for us, don't hesistate to send him or her my way (again,

- The NHLNumbers project continue to evolve. Like the network in general, we have a long list of things we're working on to improve both the new content side of NN as well as the stat and salary resource. We have grand plans for NHLNumbers, which may or may not include adding more stats, creating new stats and web apps, developing other databases and ruling the world. That's on top of securing about a dozen new writers to pump out bleeding edge analysis, a process that has already begun with the work of Eric T.

The project is its infancy right now, but it will continue to grow and evolve.

And Now For Something Completely Different

-Many of you have probably noticed the new banner popping up across the network:



Kidoodle is actually an Alberta-based company that is in the process of developing a kids-only IP TV/web portal service. That is - all kids oriented shows and such (0-12 years old), all hi-definition and with the added ability to "gate" the content so a child can't exit a program and surf through to other, potentially inappropriate media.

Full disclosure: some of my family members are involved with the venture. They let me know recently that the company is in the process of developing a beta version of the service. They're inviting folks to subscribe now to become beta testers of Kidoodle, which will allow them to test the service as well as collect critical feedback from users. In return, they're giving anyone who signs up for the beta two months free once everything goes live. The beta is on schedule to be up and running within the next 60 days or so.

So if you're a parent or if you know anyone who is and might be interested in trying something like this out, click on one of the banners or simply follow this link and input your email address to sign up.

And finally, on a personal note, I will be away for a few weeks starting next Tuesday. My Wife of about a month and a half assures me that newlyweds typically go on these things called a "honeymoon" and that there are places with "sand" and "beaches" where they don't even know what hockey is. I remain skeptical, but have granted her a few weeks to prove her case.

In the meantime, I leave you all in the capable hands of Jason Gregor, Jonathan Willis and Thomas Drance. Inquires can be directed to these assorted fine gentlemen during my sabbatical. And to Wanye, I suppose, if you are into that sort of thing.


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