Leafs 48-game schedule released

Cam Charron
January 12 2013 09:02PM

Above is the Toronto Maple Leafs' schedule for the month of January. As expected from yesterday's various tweets, the Leafs will open at the Bell Centre next week on CBC.

Toronto will play exclusively in the Eastern Conference this year, playing Montreal and Ottawa five times and Buffalo and Boston four times. The full schedule can be found here. They'll play nine back-to-backs, and, as our good friend b1kry points out, "7 dreaded MON or TUE games vs. SouthEast opponents".

For those of you stuck in the 1950s and can only watch hockey games via national television, Toronto play on TSN nine times and CBC 14 times.

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#1 HockeyMon
January 14 2013, 11:09AM
Trash it!

I live in the USA and plan to watch all the Leaf games. Any advice on how to watch the games, other than buying the Center Ice package through Comcast?

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