Flames trade Blake Comeau to Columbus

Kent Wilson
April 03 2013 01:27PM


Blake Comeau

pic via Robin Clicks

TSN is reporting the Flames have moved former waiver wire pick-up Blake Comeau to the very active Columbus Blue Jackets for a fifth round pick today. Comeau struggled to score in Calgary and had a dreadful start to the season, but developed into a decent middle tier option for the Flames both last season and for the majority of this one.

Comeau can skate and isn't afraid to mix it up physically, but he's probably one of the dumber hockey players on the ice at any give time and he doesn't have the best hands. Few players can enter the zone, circle behid the net and then give the puck away like Comeau.

He's a replaceable piece and a 5th round choice means the organization essentially gets something for nothing given how he was acquired.

Thanks Blake! Good luck in Columbus...

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