The Log Off Podcast: Picking Team Canada

Dimitri Filipovic
January 06 2014 06:00PM

Devan Dubnyk is Canada's #1 goaltender heading into Sochi.

It has been a while since Cam and I have recorded a podcast for NHL Numbers, but it's a new year, and as a resolution of sorts we've decided that we'd like to crank out 2-a-week in 2014. What better topic the return of the pod than the players Team Canada will be taking to represent the country in Sochi.

We spent roughly 40 minutes or so breaking down Bob McKenzie's proposed team, and making adjustments as we saw fit. At least that's what we did for the forwards and defensemen. For the 3 goalies, we used a slightly less scientific strategy of picking names out of a tuque (how very Canadian of us, I know..).

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