The Log Off Podcast: "Did you just call the greatest hockey player ever a D***?"

Dimitri Filipovic
March 03 2014 03:09PM

Photo via Associated Press

Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  • A breakdown of the Ryan Miller trade. Are the Blues any better? If so, how much?
  • From Buffalo's point of view, we discuss the rebuild they've set in motion.
  • Why did the Canucks start Lack over Luongo in the Heritage Classic?
  • What's the market for Ryan Kesler, and how much is he worth?
  • Plus, Cam learns the news that he has to watch CGY/MIN this week as his punishment for this.

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Note: Cam, towards the end of the show, goes on to call Wayne Gretzky "sort of a dick". Sometimes we use foul language on this podcast, so let this just serve as fair warning in case you choose to listen to it at work (we've had complaints about this in the past).


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