Money & Numbers

Steve Dangle
April 01 2014 10:12AM


Money is used for a lot of things.

Money pays the salaries of the hockey players we talk about. Money pays for the dentist appointment those players need after a rough game. Money even pays for the food we feed to the hamster we have running in a wheel to keep the power on at The Nation Network office. His name is Bruce.

How about your money?

I mean, I like writing about hockey for a living and everything, but I’d much rather be talking about my own money than somebody else’s.  Unfortunately nobody has offered me a hulking seven-year deal (yet).

Enter Scotiabank.

Scotiabank has partnered with NHL Numbers and the rest of The Nation Network to bring you a chance to make your money do hockey things for you.

“But Steve! I’m not a Septillionlaire! How do I make my money do hockey things?

Before I explain that, let me first commend you for knowing the word Septillion, which is a one followed by 24 zeros. If your hockey knowledge is anything like your vocabulary, I can only assume you are a brilliant and fantastic individual. 

Friend, you do not need to be a Septillionaire, which may or may not be an actual word, in order for your money to do hockey things for you.

The new ScotiaHockey  NHL Debit and VISA cards help you do hockey things with your money!

First of all, you can get the team of your choice on the card, therefore making you and your wallet instantaneously look significantly more baller.  Or you can get your very own NHL branded Debit card if you want to feel like a high level NHL Executive.

Second, with every purchase, you're entered to win the Scotiabank Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime contest and a whole bunch of other cool prizes.

Sweet, right?

Check this out: earlier this year there was a grand prize of tickets to the Bridgestone Winter Classic, along with tickets to the alumni game as well, attendance of the New Year’s Eve party, and a skate on the ice at the Big House. With the Winter Classic in the rearview mirror, the new grand prizes include tickets to the 2014 Stanley Cup Final, and also tickets to the 2014 NHL Face-Off™ game .

All you need is a Scotiabank account, in good standing, with one of those snazzy Scotiabank NHL Debit or VISA cards, and your beautiful selves. That’s all. Whenever you make purchases using those cards, you are entered in to win those grand prizes and more.

Sound difficult? It’s not. I once put a paper bag of popcorn in a toaster oven and even I was able to open a Scotia chequing account with ease in just a few short minutes (I unplugged it before there was a fire).

It costs nothing to sign up, and it can make your money do hockey things for you. I like both of those things.

For more information on the ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card and the Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime contest, you should click here.

If you really want to see NHL fandom at its finest – and funniest, check out this ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card video.

Steve Dangle has a YouTube channel with millions of views, is the co-host of the Steve Dangle Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud, and is a secret agent for Sportsnet. Steve has also worked for CBC, the NHL Network, Leafs TV, Nike, the KHL, and most of all, the Toronto Zoo. What a goof.