Stanley Cup Playoffs Podcast: Round 2

Dimitri Filipovic
May 01 2014 02:53PM

Sad Joe is definitely the saddest GIF of the playoffs on Twitpic

After a fantastically hectic conclusion to the opening round of the NHL playoffs, we've got plenty of material to work with in discussing what went down, and then going on to preview what's looming ahead in Round 2. I was joined by some familiar names, including The Artist Formerly Known As @CamCharron, and a few others that you've probably come across on the internet.

You can click past the jump to listen in on the podcasts. Yes, even you, Jumbo. I promise it gets better.

Since we ran long, we went ahead and split the podcasts up into two different ones based on the content that was covered:

·A general review of the 1st round of play, focusing on the most surprising storylines [or you can download here]

·A preview of the 2nd round, plus our predictions. We were joined by Derek Tanabe from Fear the Fin to eulogize the San Jose Sharks, and try to put the pieces back together moving forward [or you can download here]

Thanks for listening.

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