Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 4

Josh W
June 02 2014 10:46AM


Courtesy of Reddit's /u/Kebbs

Welcome back to this week's Journal of Hockey Analytics. For your giant repository of link dumps of all hockey analytics works I could find. Whether to help you get through a boring Monday or to help you advance your shot quality project. Take a look and maybe your ideas will be inspired.

For systems analysis, more "Sham Sharron" scouting tips, and new data for your own projects, see all the links past the jump!

  • Rhys J extends his analysis of the "Sham Sharron" scout to compare how he would have performed against all teams and how well all teams have done at drafting [Canucks Army]
  • It seems like everyone has had an opinion on Rhys' work including makirwin who followed up on Rhy's work [Pond Hockey Thoughts]
  • Lain Murray gives his own thoughts on the subject by analyzing the draft position the Canucks have been in over the last decade [Puck Watch]
  • Data is always needed when running analytics experiments. Justin Fisher released an excel sheet of all NHL drafted players [NHLNumbers]
  • Jen LC releases her Chicago Blackhawks v. Minnesota Neutral Zone data [2nd City Hockey]
  • Neil Greenberg uses fancystats to see how Barry Trotz will fit in with the Capitals Squad [Washington Post]
  • Greenberg then shows how then new Capitals management uses analytics [Washington Post]
  • Eric Tulskly looks at why players peak at 28-29 [Washington Post]
  • Stephen Pettigrew thinks that Advanced Stats suck [Rink Stats]
  • N. Emptage looks at the playoffs and how much of a role possession plays [Puck Possession]
  • CanesAndBluesFan is back this time looking at predicting Corsi [St Louis Game Time]
  • Cam Charron reviews PDO, Save Percentages and repeatability [Leafs Nation]
  • Scott Lewis looks at PK Subban and other NHL players and how being on the cover of EA's NHL games have affected their salary [The Score]
  • JP Nikota looks at some comparable to see how much Jake Gardiner is worth [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Travis Yost does some analysis on the decline in production of Colin Greening [Hockey Buzz]
  • Jared looks at the effect that Halak will have on the New York Islanders [Hockey Graphs]
  • C Austin looks at how Marty St. Louis has fared this year since his trade [Raw Charge]
  • James Mirtle looks at how Lundqvist has been the best goalie of the recent era [Globe and Mail]
  • Ryan Lambert also looks at Lundqvist's recent play [Deadspin]
  • Our own Dimitri Filipovic has looked at how the Rangers finally got lucky this post season [The Sporting News]
  • Nick Emptage has released Score-Adjusted Fenwick numbers for all teams back to 2007 [Puck Prediction]
  • Daniel W uses the Elo chess algorithm to model how countries have perfomed at IIHF events since the early 2000s [5 Plus Spieldauer]
  • Kevin Woodley looks at some of the systems involved and breaks down the Marty St. Louis goal on Tokarski [In Goal Magazine]
  • JP Nikota is back looking at systems to see what it means to be "soft on the puck" [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Gus Katsaros analyzes systems to look at the Defensive Zone Pin [McKeen's Hockey]
  • Palansky looks at how defense wins championships... but not really [DoHA]
  • Travis Yost asks why Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook have dropped off in these playoffs [Sporting News]
  • The LA Kings / Chicago Blackhawk series has received a number of analytical focuses this week.  Jonathan Willis looks at why the Kings scoring is flowing [Bleacher Report]
  • Dellow makes the argument that it is Kopitar driving LA's success [Sports Net]
  • Dellows has done simple work recently survey's defencemen and their corsi rel over the years [Mc79Hockey]

And in some less analytical, yet still relevant, readings:

  • St Louis Blues now have all the Corsis! [St. Louis Blues]
  • Professional athletes by sports, height and weight (source unknown) [Imgur]
  • This is a good example of how not to analyze goalies [The Hockey Writers]
  • We are going old school here looking at 1970s Hockey Analytics (thanks to @BenjaminWendorf for finding this) [Google News]
  • Much more of an opinion piece, RogersTheShrubber looks at analytics and the common hockey fan [SilverSevenSens]

Until next week!  Make sure you share any analytic articles that you've written with me.

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