The Log Off Podcast, Ep.6: with Rob Vollman

Dimitri Filipovic
August 14 2014 10:31AM


After weeks of manufacturing some semblance of content to discuss out of very little thanks to the dog days of the summer, we're joined on this edition of the podcast by Rob Vollman, the author of the Hockey Abstract. 

Without spoiling things for those that haven't had the chance to read it for themselves yet, we broach a few of the bigger topics that were written about including shot quality, goaltending analytics, and projections for next season.

As was alluded to on the show, you can pick up the Hockey Abstract for yourself right here as a PDF, or here as a paperback.

Dimitri Filipovic writes about hockey on the internet, and is the Managing Editor of Canucks Army. You can follow him on Twitter @DimFilipovic, and email him at
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August 19 2014, 04:29PM
Trash it!

Any chance we get this on iTunes?

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