Because It's The Cap: Tampa Bay Lightning Offseason Preview

Shawn Reis
June 03 2017 09:00AM


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In 2015, Tampa Bay made the Stanley Cup Final. In 2016, Tampa Bay made the Eastern Conference Finals. In 2017, Tampa Bay missed the playoffs by one point, thanks largely -- but not entirely -- to star center Steven Stamkos missing three quarters of the season.This is a good team that had a bad year. Let's take a closer look at their roster, salary cap situation, and the path that lies ahead in getting this team back on track.

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Because It's The Cap: Vancouver Canucks Offseason Preview

Shawn Reis
May 23 2017 08:00AM


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29th in the league in goals for, 24th in goals against, and 29th in points, the Vancouver Canucks just plain sucked in 2016-2017. Let's take a closer look at their roster, their salary cap situation, and the offseason that lies ahead to get a better idea how this team can correct course not so much in the short term, but in the long term. After all, with a largely veteran core and a team that isn't anywhere remotely close to contending for a Stanley Cup, there might not be a single team in the NHL that more desperately needs a full-scale rebuild.

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Being top-180 in scoring shouldn't make you a top-six forward

Shawn Reis
May 05 2017 04:16PM

There seem to be two main thoughts when it comes to what constitutes a top-six forward in the NHL. The more traditional perspective generally seems to say that anyone that puts up 50+ points in an 82 game season is at least a top-six forward. The other perspective argues that a top-six forward is anyone that finishes top-180 in scoring (30 teams multiplied by 6 forwards is 180 forwards). Applying the second perspective to the 2016-2017 season, a top-six forward was anyone that had a .43 points per game, or 35 points over 82 games.

But while the second perspective is more logical, I've always leaned more towards the first approach. After all, you strive to be a great team and have a great offense, and I never saw guys that could only muster 35 points in the top-six of a team like Chicago or Pittsburgh. But I also never really put this idea to the test until now.

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The MVPs of Each First Round Winner

Shawn Reis
April 26 2017 09:28AM

There's only one Conn Smythe, but that doesn't mean we can't hand out our own playoff MVP awards. Let's take one last look back on the first round, and hand out an award for each winning team's most valuable player.

Ottawa Senators - Erik Karlsson: He averaged a point a game, averaging over 30 minutes played each game, and was second on the team with a 60.55 xGF%.

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Looking back on our preseason standings predictions

Shawn Reis
April 19 2017 10:14AM

Everyone loves to make predictions, but people never seem to like looking back on them. Probably because some of their predictions end up being way off base. Which is why today I'm going to take a look back at our staff's consensus power rankings that we made last October. As you might expect, we got a lot right, but were also seriously wrong.

30. Vancouver Canucks

Heading into the season the Canucks were seen as a team low on both front-end talent and depth. Couple that with an organization that appears to think they're playoff-calibre and you have a recipe for disaster. The Canucks ended up coming 29th in the league so this one was pretty spot on. Good job team!

29. Toronto Maple Leafs

Oops. This one looks hilariously bad, with the Leafs up 2-1 in a series against the odds-on Stanley Cup favorite Washington Capitals. It also highlights just how unprecedented the Leafs' rookie production was this year.

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