5 non-playoff teams with contending potential

Shawn Reis
April 05 2017 09:07AM

Starting next week it's going to be playoffs, playoffs, playoffs. But it's not next week yet, so let's talk about the teams that won't be there while we still reasonably can. Here are five teams that are going to be forgotten for the next couple of months, that could be making major post-season noise in future years:

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3 rebuilds going awry

Shawn Reis
March 29 2017 08:52AM

Teams like Edmonton and Toronto are all the rage these days, with both franchises on the cusp of ending 82-game season playoff droughts that are over a decade long. Finally, these once dysfunctional franchises are finding their way through rebuilds done right.

But not every team is so lucky (or apt). Yes, in this very league, at this very moment, there are teams across North America failing to find their stride. Let's take a look at three teams trying to be good and young, that are actually just young and ugly.

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5 dream first round matchups

Shawn Reis
March 15 2017 09:50AM

The playoffs are just one month away. Time to start getting our hopes up.

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Neutral Zone Playing Styles: What Does Chemistry Look Like?

Shawn Reis
September 02 2016 10:59AM

Alex Novet did some really fantastic work on neutral zone playing styles recently, taking Corey Sznajder's incredible work on zone entries and turning it into something that can help define player roles.

For this article I'll be drawing on Novet's work once again in attempt to better define player chemistry.

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Neutral Zone Playing Styles and the Leafs

Shawn Reis
August 03 2016 10:41AM

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman/USA TODAY SPORTS

Alex Novet recently did some interesting work building off of Corey Sznajder's ambitious (and awesome) zone entry project from the 2013-2014 season. Today, I'm going to take a Leafs-centric look at what Alex came up with last month.

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