The Worst Ballot Possible For Each Award

Scott Maxwell
June 22 2017 03:58PM

The NHL awards are always quite controversial. Despite the fact that it might be pretty straightforward to, you know, pick the best player for each award, it's never that easy, as not everyone has the same mindset. While most people tend to make the correct picks, sometimes people make the wrong picks. Like, really wrong. So, it's time to expose them.

I present to you the worst ballet's possible for each award. Basically, I'll be looking at each award, and picking the worst candidate given a vote in each position. So, the worst candidate for a first place vote, the worst candidate for a second place vote, etc. While we won't know who actually made these votes, just imagine that it's Steve Simmons, or someone of that ilk.

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Because It's The Cap: Pittsburgh Penguins Offseason Preview

Scott Maxwell
June 19 2017 02:27PM

For the first time in nearly 20 years, an NHL team has won back to back championships, as the Pittsburgh Penguins won their second Stanley Cup in as many years. Despite a barrage of injuries, the Penguins overcame and went all the way.

However, with every Cup championship, there's the party, and then there's the hangover that is the cap hell of the offseason. I'm sure Jim Rutherford will ignore it by plugging his two Cup rings in his ears, but if the Penguins want a chance at a threepeat, they'll have to play it smart.

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Because It's The Cap: Chicago Blackhawks Offseason Preview

Scott Maxwell
June 18 2017 06:23PM



After a disappointing first round exit to the St. Louis Blues in 2015-16, the Chicago Blackhawks returned with a vengeance, storming their way to first place in the Western Conference, and once again being one of the Cup favourites in the playoffs.

They then proceeded to get sweep in the first round, limited to only three goals, including none at home. So, long story short, they choked. I don't care if the analytics said they weren't guaranteed to beat Nashville like every MSM said they would, just accept and enjoy the narrative of Chicago Blackhawks: Chokers. Savour it.

Anyway, they come into this offseason like every other offseason for the last 7-8 years: in cap hell. It'll take more of Stan Bowman's magic, or the stupidity of other GM's, whatever you want to call it, to get them out of this pickle, before they are doomed to mediocrity for eternity...or at least until their core's contracts are up.

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Because It's The Cap: Columbus Blue Jackets Offseason Preview

Scott Maxwell
June 18 2017 11:25AM

After a season that saw them finish fourth worst in the NHL, the Columbus Blue Jackets lottery in 2016 was a very good representative of their 2016-17 season, in that the results were good, but they still managed to find a way to screw it up. In the case of the draft, it was passing on Puljujarvi to pick Dubois, and in the case of the 2016-17 season, it was deciding that they "got away from what made them good during their 16 game winning streak".

While many think the Blue Jackets run was unsustainable, they were kind of right, in that they were a good team that looked great. But, they're still a good team, and they might be able to become a great team pretty quickly, but only if they make the right moves.

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Because It's The Cap: St. Louis Blues Offseason Preview

Scott Maxwell
June 11 2017 11:11AM


© Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In terms of both their success in the playoffs, and their success in getting rid of any assets of significant value who were going to walk at the deadline, the St. Louis Blues may have had the best season. While they aren't contending for a Cup anymore, they managed to go all the way to game six in the second round in a year where some anticipated a step back, and this was WITHOUT Kevin Shattenkirk, who they traded at the deadline in order to not risk losing him for nothing.

Looking forward, St. Louis is in a decent situation for a team like theirs, but it's certainly not perfect either, so let's dive into their cap situation and offseason plan.

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