Because it's the Cap: Calgary Flames

Scott Maxwell
May 26 2016 11:00AM

Over the next month, we at NHLnumbers are going to be taking a look at where each team in the league currently stands based on what we learned from them last season, and where they realistically can and should go this summer with the resources and cap space they have.

If there's one thing that we learned about the Calgary Flames after this disappointing season, it's that this is still a young, rebuilding team. I mean, it's not often that a team that is in the conference semifinals drops all the way to drafting sixth overall in one year, without the intention of blowing up the team going into the season. Even though it wasn't an ideal year for the Flames, it definitely didn't hurt the team the way the season played out. If anything, it helped add a top pick to an already young and talented team, while exploiting the team's flaws that were covered up by the 2014-15 miracle.

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2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Western Conference Finals Preview: St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

Scott Maxwell
May 15 2016 11:28AM

The biggest story of the West has been the parity in this year's playoffs. The Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and Anaheim Ducks, well known elite playoff teams, have all been bounced in the first round, while known chokers in the San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues are the two remaining teams in the playoffs. So the question remains: which team will choke now?

No, that shouldn't be the storyline for this series. The Blues and Sharks are two very excellent, deep teams that have finally conquered their demons to get this far. The winner is going to be tested, as whoever comes out will not leave unscathed. It's a war of attrition, so may the deepest team win.

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NHLN Playoff Notebook: Down Goes the Rinne Wall

Scott Maxwell
May 13 2016 08:31AM

After the hockey gods cruelly punished us with a terrible game seven yesterday, it seemed almost certain today that they would return the favour, and reward us with a much better game in a duel between the Nashville Predators and the San Jose Sharks. However, the gods decided to spit in our face, as the Nashville Predators decided to not show up to their game seven in a 5-0 loss.

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NHLN Playoff Notebook: Dallas and Nashville Both Force Game Seven, Gudbranson Re-Signs with Florida

Scott Maxwell
May 10 2016 07:33AM

What was that? You ordered a couple of game sevens for your pleasure? Well, whether you did or not, that's exactly what you're going to get. Dallas got off to an early lead, and then forgot how to play hockey for 40 minutes when St. Louis almost came back. Meanwhile, we had OT in Nashville yet again, but this time not as long, as the Preds beat the Sharks in overtime to force game 7. Also, Erik Gudbranson re-signed with the Florida Panthers to a one year, $3.5 million contract, so we'll see how smart of a deal that was.

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NHLN Playoff Notebook: St. Louis is Seeing (Too Many) Stars, and Triple Overtime in Nashville

Scott Maxwell
May 06 2016 09:21AM

Hockey fans got more than what they bargained for tonight, as both games went to overtime. First, despite an interesting gaff, the Dallas Stars managed to tie the series in St. Louis, and head home for the now best of 3 series in a 3-2 win. Then, the Nashville Predators and the San Jose Sharks made you decide between the value of sleep and watching hockey in a triple overtime epic.

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