World Cup of Hockey Preview: Team USA vs. Team Europe

Sam Blazer
September 17 2016 01:03PM

The World Cup of Hockey is finally here. After multiple preliminary matches and plenty of intrigue, the time to play is now. Team USA faces off against Team Europe and with it comes the first match for John Tortorella and company. Will they get off to a fast start? Do his scratches leave a lot to be desired? Does Team Europe have enough fire power?

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5 fun things to look for from Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey

Sam Blazer
September 13 2016 11:59AM

Team USA is coming in with a plan for the World Cup of Hockey. 

It may not be a very good plan but it is, indeed, a plan. 

Coach John Tortorella doesn't care how his team wins as long as it happens. 

If you are a fan of Team USA, that has to give you a special tingle down your spine. Sure, he may take patriotism to an uncomfortable level... but by the same token it adds a level of stakes that shouldn't be associated with an exhibition tournament. 

The NHL has to absolutely love it.

As the tournament begins on Wednesday, I want to take a look at the five fun storylines to watch for from Team USA.

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Why James Wisniewski could be the best Wings pick up this off-season

Sam Blazer
July 03 2016 06:02PM

47 seconds.

That's how long James Wisniewski played for the Carolina Hurricanes before tearing his ACL. He was subjected to two trades before, coming from the Ducks via the Blue Jackets. He wasn't able to stick at either club and various reasons were given to why he didn't stick. His contract was a bit of an albatross due to his 5.5 million dollar cap hit, which given his production wasn't as terrible as it sounds. After being bought out by the Hurricanes, where exactly does Wisniewski go next?

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