Gazing Into The Crystal Ball

Jayson Spikes
October 04 2017 12:52PM


The day has finally arrived! The puck drops tonight and the race for the 2018 Stanley Cup is on. While there are still 1,271 games to be played between now and the playoffs begin, everyone wants to talk about who will win the Cup. Will it be the Penguins getting the three-peat? The young Oilers or Leafs breaking through? Will Ovechkin, Backstrom and Holtby finally figure things out?

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NHL Preseason: Perception vs. Reality

Jayson Spikes
September 25 2017 02:08PM


Players cannot possibly care as much about the preseason as the regular season. It’s simply human nature, and I think, as fans, we get that, usually.

Until, y’know, the Oilers start 5-0, the Flames start 2-2, Leafs start 2-2, the Canucks start 2-3-1 and the Golden Knights almost score double digits in their franchise debut. Then it can be hard as a fan to not get excited (if you're an Oilers fan), anxious (if you're a Flames, Leafs or Canucks fan) or bewildered (if you understand the phrase “expansion team”).

So today I wanted to blog about the possibility that the public systematically underestimates the impact low or zero motivation may have on the outcome of games. The was explored in the gambling context by Preseason bias in the NFL and NBA betting markets, where the authors found compelling evidence to support the case.

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Identifying Injury Risks Before the Season Even Starts

Jayson Spikes
September 13 2017 03:29PM


NHL training camps open across the league this week and the buzz is back in the air! But before rosters can be pared down and preseason games can be played, the players will be put through a battery of tests. And while the off-ice fitness portion of training camp isn't the sexiest, I wanted to discuss its importance.

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The Importance of the Face to the Face of a Franchise

Jayson Spikes
August 15 2017 01:31PM

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Summer 2017 saw the signing of Carey Price and Connor McDavid to huge contracts. And so far August has been Sidney Crosby appreciation month, as the legend celebrates his 30th birthday. All the discussion around the value these men bring to their teams. got me wondering how important the face is to the face of a franchise.

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Enemies with Benefits

Jayson Spikes
January 05 2017 02:54PM

Last Saturday saw the clash of hockey super powers in the form of Canada vs. USA at the World Juniors, with the Americans skating away with a 3-1 win and first place in Group B. This was a game hyped by many as being only the most recent in a long series of what has apparently become the Biggest Rivalry in International Hockey.

This is far from the only rivalry in hockey; other examples come to mind immediately: Canada vs. Russia, Sweden vs. Finland, Toronto vs. Montreal, Montreal vs. Boston, Edmonton vs. Calgary, and Crosby vs. Ovechkin.

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