Please stop comparing these Leafs to those Avs

Evan Presement
May 04 2017 01:58PM



Despite the Leafs’ storybook season, many are skeptical of their success. Was this season the real deal, or was it a mirage?

Toronto will always be heavily criticised just because they’re such a talked about (and disliked) team. Realistic arguments as to why they will be successful long-term are bountiful, while arguments against the success of the franchise are fairly weak and petty.

However, there is one point in particular that many skeptics seem to reference: The 2013/14 Colorado Avalanche.

Let’s go back to the lockout-shortened 2012/13 season. Colorado had been on the downswing for a few years at this point but would bottom out. They recorded 39 points in 48 games, good for second-worst in the NHL. The Avs had an 18.8% chance of securing the first overall pick, second only to the Florida Panthers’ 25%. Colorado ended up winning the lottery, selecting Nathan MacKinnon.

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Lay off the Orange Crush: Edmonton still lost the Hall for Larsson trade

Evan Presement
April 30 2017 08:00AM

Recently, talk surrounding last summer's Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson trade has picked up. Why? Well, Larsson and the Oilers are in the second round of the playoffs while Hall's Devils are focused on the draft lottery.

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The Good Stuff From The First Round – Eastern Conference

Evan Presement
April 25 2017 12:06PM


If you needed a reminder that the playoffs are mostly a complete and total crapshoot, you needn’t look any further than what just transpired over the last few weeks. Boston, out. Chicago, out. Minnesota, out. The teams with the third, fourth, and fifth best records in the league are already done.

Still, though, the postseason has always been full of surprises, and this year was no different. From emotional comebacks, to the fall of a once great empire, to the emergence of new ones, round one of the 2017 NHL playoffs had it all. Here’s a look back at the East, series by series, at the two weeks that were.

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Matthews, Marner, Nylander a historic NHL rookie trio

Evan Presement
April 04 2017 11:33AM



Sorry in advance, Jim Matheson, but the Leafs’ rookies are really, really good. So good, in fact, that Toronto’s ‘Big Three’ may be the best trio of rookies to ever play for the same team at the same time.

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If you buy at the NHL Trade Deadline, you're probably gonna have a bad time

Evan Presement
March 13 2017 09:00AM


Photo Credit: TSN

Another NHL trade deadline has come and gone. The good teams bought, the bad teams sold, and the teams in the middle, well, did a bit of both. 

Each and every year, fans and media try to decipher who won the deadline, as well as the days and weeks leading up to it. This season, the general consensus was that the Vancouver Canucks came out on top. Of course, the Canucks were sellers, something that seems to be a common theme when talking about teams who win the trade deadline. Why is that? 

Well, for one, prices in-season tend to be inflated, which lends itself well to a sellers market. Another reason is that the majority of players traded to ‘buyers’ seem to be those in the final years of their contracts, which shortens the window for evaluation. 

You rarely ever hear about a ‘buyer’ getting a great deal on a player, let alone winning deadline day. That got me thinking — are we not giving credit to the ‘buyers’ because of the amount they gave up, or because the player they acquired just never seems to work out? 

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