Can goalies control the number of rebounds they allow?

Rob Pettapiece
July 15 2013 01:42PM


Pekka Rinne
- pic via Mel


A while ago, I looked at whether skaters (or goalies) had any ability to generate (or avoid allowing) rebounds. With only one year of data, I concluded that "there definitely seems to be an individual goaltender skill in avoiding rebounds, but whether that skill matters is up for debate." This is an updated and improved version of that study, focusing just on goaltenders.

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Looking at AHL goaltenders vs. NHL players

Rob Pettapiece
July 16 2012 06:53AM



One of the problems with analyzing minor-league stats is the quality of competition. You could have a "fifth-liner" who's great against AHL players but can't hack it in the NHL. The same problem exists with goalies, who can put up great numbers against these fifth- and sixth-liners, skaters who aren't good enough to play a level higher. This varying level of talent in the minors makes it harder to figure out whether that .920 or .930 save percentage actually means anything for that goaltender's potential NHL career.

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How would "The Gold Rule" affect the draft order?

Rob Pettapiece
July 06 2012 11:20AM



At the Sloan Sports Conference earlier this year, Adam Gold, a University of Missouri PhD student, proposed a way to change how the draft order is determined. Instead of using the reverse standings, he suggested using the number of wins or points generated after teams were eliminated.

This would, in theory, remove the incentives to tank once a team can no longer make the playoffs, while still ensuring that the worst teams (who are eliminated earlier) maintain their high draft positions. It got noticed - by Oilers fans and followers, to no surprise - and debated, but I wondered what would actually happen under such a system.

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45 years of jet lag: What happens when teams cross time zones?

Rob Pettapiece
June 19 2012 11:09AM



Back when we thought the new divisional alignment was going to come into play, no team was happier about the proposed change than the Dallas Stars. How do I know that? Because they said so: "no team can be happier about the change than the Dallas Stars."

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