Eyes on the Dollar: Philadelphia Flyers

Cam Lewis
February 07 2015 08:00AM

As we all know at this point, the strength Canadian dollar is directly tied to the NHL’s revenue, and subsequently, the league’s salary cap. Gary Bettman suggested a couple weeks ago that if the Canadian dollar stayed at $0.80, the cap ceiling would end up around $71.5 million. If that’s the case, multiple teams who were relying on a jump in the cap ceiling to give them some much needed breathing room will be forced to change their plans. 

The Philadelphia Flyers are one of those teams. Frankly, the Flyers are in cap hell even if the cap rises to a higher figure than the one Bettman suggested. They’re heading into next season with basically their entire roster intact, as they have $67.327 million tied up in 11 forwards, five defenceman (and Chris Pronger who will hit the LITR) and one goalie. As a result, they’ll have ~$4.0 million to fill a couple of holes. (They’ll also be given ~$5.0 million to replace Pronger through the LTIR replacement bonus.)

That doesn’t seem too daunting, does it? 

Well, if they want to continue to be a middling team, sure, it won’t be overly difficult. But if they want to actually improve their roster, they’re going to have to do something about a lot of really, really ugly contracts that aren’t going away any time soon. The Flyers may need to sell high on some of their most valuable assets now in order to rebuild for a time down the road when they don't have quite so much of their cap tied into dead weight. 

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The Fantasy Minute

Nation World HQ
February 06 2015 02:30PM

NHL Fantasy Hockey tips from The Nation Network and DailyFaceoff.com. Here’s a quick run through of the best Fantasy Hockey waiver adds, sleepers and buy-low sell-high candidates for the week (Based on 12 team leagues).

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Why it makes sense for the Ducks to pay a premium to acquire Tyler Myers

Thomas Drance
February 06 2015 01:05PM

The Anaheim Ducks are reportedly keen on acquiring Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers, and may even be willing to include promising young defenseman Cam Fowler in the exchange.

That seems like a steep price to pay, but there may be a bit more going on here than meets the eye. Let's get into it.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
February 06 2015 06:30AM


Evander Kane problems, Zack Kassian problems, Tyler Bozak potentially on the move, trusting Oilers media, Flames trade speculation, a Fantasy Hockey cheat sheet and more in this weeks Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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Setting the Salary Cap: The Zero-Sum Game and How to Fix it

Thomas Drance
February 05 2015 10:35AM

What follows is an article from Nation Network senior collective bargaining agreement correspondent and corporate lawyer @BeantownCanuck. You may remember him from his stellar work on rule 13.23, or his piece on the penalties for cap floor violations

Today Beantown sets his eyes on the NHL's confusing escrow system, which pits players against players, and results in uncertainty for NHL executives. He has some ideas to improve the system. 

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