Top to Bottom: Was the 2015-16 Season a Success or a Failure?

Cam Lewis
April 12 2016 11:28AM

On the seventh of every month (well, the 12th this month because things happen and I wanted to wait for the season to end), I'm going to go through and break down each team in the league, determining which teams are legitimate and which ones aren't, who's had terrible luck and who's riding something unsustainable to success, and where each team is likely to finish the season. Yes, you can look at the league's standings to see who's doing well and who isn't, but there's more to success than just a team's record. Over the past couple months, I looked at where teams stood heading into the deadline and what they should be doing, and after that, I looked at who did well at the deadline and who didn't. This month, to wrap it all up, I'm going to look at which teams had a successful season and which ones ultimately didn't. 

With the NHL season coming to an end earlier this week and the Stanley Cup Playoffs approaching right around the corner, I figured it was time to look at which teams can view 2015-16 as a success, and which ones should view it as a failure. This doesn't necessarily come down to how they did in the standings, though. There are some teams who finished well out of a playoff spot, but made major strides from where they were at last year, which would make them successful. On the other hand, there are some teams who made the playoffs, but massively underachieved and have made it evident that they need to make some major changes to their roster moving forward, which makes this season somewhat of a failure. Ultimately, there's good and bad that can be taken from everybody's season, but being a success or a failure comes down to whether the team adequately put themselves in a position to achieve their goals this season. 

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Pavel Datsyuk Confirms Departure to Russia

Ryan Hana
April 10 2016 08:26AM

For the second time in two years, the Detroit Red Wings have to say goodbye to an integral part of their organization.

After a sudden onset of rumors, media speculation, and vague non-comments, Pavel Datsyuk has confirmed to Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press that he intends to go home to Russia after the conclusion of the 2015/2016 NHL Playoffs. "I have overstayed," the 37 year old mentioned. Though there is still to be one final meeting with Red Wings general manager Ken Holland, Datsyuk's mind is all but made up at this point. He wanted to wait until after the regular season was over to release the news, so as to not distract from the intense playoff push that colored the end of the season.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
April 08 2016 05:00AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.42.56 AM

Was Lou Lamoriello the best GM in the NHL this year, how injuries played a factor in Canucks awful season, the end of Monahan and Gaudreau's first contracts in Calgary, farewell to Rexall Place in Edmonton, what's changed in the world since the Oilers last made the playoffs, Datsyuk possibly heading back to Russia, the race to the bottom is coming down to the wire and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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Justin Schultz, Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman

Jonathan Willis
April 05 2016 11:52AM


Justin Schultz is off to a pretty decent start to his post-Edmonton Oilers career, and his stats line certainly looks impressive. He’s played 15 games in Pittsburgh, putting up seven points and an impressive plus-10 rating.

It’s a performance which warrants closer examination. 

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Future Free Agents: The End of Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan's Entry-Level Deals

Cam Lewis
April 04 2016 02:23PM

It’s fantastic to have really good young players. That’s exactly what the Calgary Flames have in Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan. At 22 and 21 years of age respectively, Gaudreau and Monahan sit first and second on the Flames in both goals and points, and are pillars for the organization to build their forward group around for years to come. 

That being said, when you have good players, you also have to pay them as such. That’s exactly what Flames general manager Brad Trevling is going to have to do this summer, as both Gaudreau and Monahan’s entry-level contracts are set to expire on July 1. Obviously the Flames are going to look to get both of their star forwards locked up to long-term extensions this summer. But how much is it going to cost them? And how are the bricks going to fall around them? 

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