Watch The Game Episode 19: The Optics of Change with Mike Johnson

Watch The Game Podcast
December 15 2016 03:15PM


Cam and Sam welcomed Mike Johnson to the show to discuss the circus surrounding the Florida Panthers and their front office shuffle. Why players and executives around the league struggle to embrace change. They then discuss some other intriguing story lines from throughout the season.

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Looking at the Calgary Flames' expected goals and saves

Ryan Pike
December 15 2016 02:00PM

The past is a great predictor of the future. When we examine National Hockey League shooters and goaltenders, their past performance is a good indicator - barring for miraculous collapses or improvements - of their future performance levels. Career shooting and save percentages can be used to provide high-level estimates of a skater's production level and a goaltender's overall performance.

Now that we have 32 games of the 2016-17 Calgary Flames to examine, let's take a glance at their performance - both in net and putting pucks in 'em - based on expected goals and saves.

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How often are the Leafs up or down, and who is on the ice?

Jeff Veillette
December 15 2016 12:29PM

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Leafs are 10-1-5 this year when leading after two periods, and as a result of those six games that got away, Toronto's inability to close out has become a hot-button discussion in town of late. I don't have any significant answers on how to fix this, but just out of curiosity, I decided to look up how much time every NHL team spends with the lead, trailing behind, and tied in the league this year.

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There is no Hunlak conspiracy, there is just Hunlak

Jeff Veillette
December 14 2016 11:27AM

A month ago, Leafs fans were introduced to a defensive pairing that, well, sounded like a worst-case scenario. Matt Hunwick on the left side. Roman Polak on the right. All of Toronto's veteran presence on the point concentrated into a single deployment. What we knew heading into it wasn't encouraging. 

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Top to Bottom: Checking in with the standings after two months

Cam Lewis
December 14 2016 11:01AM

It's more of a 'Bottom to Top' but 'Top to Bottom' sounds better. This is an NHLNumbers monthly feature in which I'll do a dive into each team's underlying numbers to see if they match up with where they currently sit in the standings. Here's last month for reference. Stats via Hockey Analysis and Hockey Reference as of Dec. 12, 2016. 

It's been two months. At this point, for the most part, if you're bad, you're bad, and if you're good, you're good. We know that Colorado and Arizona are terrible, and we know that Washington and Pittsburgh are good. But what about Columbus and Philadelphia? Are those hot streaks just a bunch of nonsense? How about Dallas and the Islanders? Are they going to go back to where they were last year? Since we live in a world where more than half of the teams in the league make the playoffs and losing can still earn you a point, we have a very muddy playoff picture loaded with teams that are difficult to differentiate. 

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