The Log Off Podcast: "you didn't finish me off until we got back to the hotel room"

Dimitri Filipovic
February 03 2014 03:28PM

Mikael Backlund's one-man show may've been enough for the Flames, but sadly, not for me..

Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  • An in-depth character assassination of Dale Weise. 
  • Why are the Canadiens making such a misguided effort to bring bad hockey players in? 
  • Some advice on a goaltender to pick up in your fantasy league.
  • Potentially controversial feelings regarding Jack Edwards are revealed.
  • A recap of this past weekend's slate of games.
  • .. and along those lines, my punishment for losing is announced (check back on Wednesday)

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The Log Off Podcast: "I'm afraid of anything involving Anders Lindback"

Dimitri Filipovic
January 31 2014 01:33PM


Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  • A riveting review of last night's Coyotes/Sabres game, which Cam had to sit through
  • Nathan MacKinnon's rookie season, and the Colorado Avalanche
  • Just how screwed are the Tampa Bay Lightning without Ben Bishop?
  •  And most importantly, our picks for this weekend's contest..

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Who Is Winning the Tortorella-Vigneault Coaching Swap?

Nick Emptage
January 31 2014 12:12PM

Image credit: Flickr user Chris Breikss. Use of image does not imply endorsement


Not long after their teams were dispatched from the 2012-13 playoffs, two long-time NHL coaches were relieved of their jobs. Despite five straight Northwest Division titles, two President's Trophies, and a Stanley Cup Finals appearance, Vancouver Canucks boss Alain Vigneault was let go after seven seasons, with the team and fans calling for a change in direction after two first-round playoff exits. Similarly, over in the Eastern Conference, the New York Rangers brought John Tortorella's four-season tenure to an end. Despite a record of 171-115-29 in Manhattan, Torts' brusque style alienated many on the team and in the local media, and his conservative, defensive approach was viewed as a poor fit for a young, talented roster.

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Scoring chances - Buffalo @ Phoenix

Cam Charron
January 31 2014 02:50AM

For those of you unawares, Dimitri Filipovic and I have a running bet each week during the slate of Saturday games. The loser must watch a game of the winner's choosing... and record scoring chances. This week, I had the pleasure of watching the Phoenix Coyotes and the Buffalo Sabres. It was the teams' first meeting since #BUTTGOAL, but, alas, there was to be no legendary moment during the rematch. The only somewhat interesting sequence was when rookie referee Trevor Hanson got hit in the face with a puck after the ricochet off the crossbar from an Oliver Ekman-Larsson shot.

The Sabres won 3-2, but obviously didn't deserve the victory, being out-shot 40-28. ExtraSkater page for the game is here, and the scoring chances are below.

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The Log Off Podcast: "That Sound You Hear is Me Kissing Kyle Okposo"

Dimitri Filipovic
January 27 2014 02:50PM

I can't blame Therrien. I wouldn't want to look either, right now..

Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  •  We've got some nice intro music. Let's just say that it involves mups, and lighting stuff..
  • Just how good are the Anaheim Ducks? And just how bad are the Montreal Canadiens?
  • We recap last week's picks contest, and Cam receives his punishment for his loss.
  • Some fantasy tips on who to buy low on, and who to sell high on while you still can
  • I make out with Kyle Okposo. Well, sort of..

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