Stanley Cup playoff predictions podcast: Round One

Dimitri Filipovic
April 16 2014 01:37PM

Photo via Getty Images

The playoffs are upon as, and since going on the record with predictions is fun (to either laugh at after the fact, or point to as a great example of why you're so smrt), we decided to record a couple of podcasts pivoting off of our thoughts regarding each of the 8 opening series set to be played in the coming weeks.

Click past the jump to listen in. 

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Last Call for the Nation Charity Playoff Pool

April 14 2014 01:15PM


Playoffs? We're talking playoffs...playoff pools to be specific.

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Money & Numbers

Steve Dangle
April 01 2014 10:12AM


Money is used for a lot of things.

Money pays the salaries of the hockey players we talk about. Money pays for the dentist appointment those players need after a rough game. Money even pays for the food we feed to the hamster we have running in a wheel to keep the power on at The Nation Network office. His name is Bruce.

How about your money?

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The Fantasy Minute

Nation World HQ
March 28 2014 07:21AM

Your fantasy hockey news and players to look for on the waiver wire this week.

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FenwickElo - Elo Rating System for the NHL Part 2

Josh W
March 26 2014 01:47PM


In my last post I introduced the concept of the Elo Rating System to use in evaluating NHL players. As a quick reminder the theory of the Elo Rating system was to try and rank players in the NHL based on who are on the ice for a lot of goals for vs against while trying to adjust for Quality of Competition and Quality of Teammates.

The previous version was based on goal data only. This was due to a couple reasons, mostly due to speed issues as well as the length of time it takes to parse an NHL Play by Play Sheet (due to their horribly written HTML markup). This version I am introducing in this post is based shot data, as many of you have come back to me and suggested.

Read past the jump to learn the newest methods, results and more.

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