Buying into the Ottawa Senators is a mixed bag

Jeff Veillette
May 01 2017 03:13PM

Photo Credit: Marc Desrosiers/USA TODAY SPORTS

Before we get into this, let's make something perfectly clear: every fanbase has an awful vocal minority and the definition of what an awful vocal minority is will often change from person to person. Despite the fact that we're all here for our mutual interest in a fantastic and entertaining sport, the slight differences in how we appreciate the game will always find a way in tearing us apart. Hell, we just watched this fanbase lose its mind about a few people being unfollowed on twitter and the event that kickstarted this rebuild was the blowback from the players not saluting the crowd after a game.

Maybe that's because certain opinion sets are attached to other life philosophies. Maybe it's just blind "I'm right, and those who disagree are wrong and are bad" chest thumping. But it happens everywhere, and sometimes, you'll see it bleed over into arguments about other teams. One of the most obvious ones, at least over the course of these playoffs, has been the rise of the overly excited Ottawa Senators fan.

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Shootout success masking the degree of Red Wings’ struggles

Jeff Veillette
March 17 2017 12:42PM



Last night, the Detroit Red Wings played an up and down game against the 29th-place Arizona Coyotes, that eventually led to a shootout on road ice. Once again, the squad from Motor City came out ahead in the skills competition, winning it 1-0 and the game 5-4 thanks to a first round goal from Gustav Nyquist and timely saves from Petr Mrazek. The win bumped Detroit up to 27-3-11 on the season, good for 26th overall with 13 games to go.

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Why the Brian Boyle trade is likeable on all fronts

Jeff Veillette
February 27 2017 06:01PM

Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA TODAY SPORTS

It's been a long time since the Toronto Maple Leafs have been buyers at the deadline. I'm not even talking all-in, trading the youth core, throwing away first round picks levels of buying. In the past thirteen years, the Leafs' idea of "going for it" in late-February, early-March has been trading for Yanic Perreault in 2007 and Ryan O'Byrne in 2013. 

But, just a year removed from the basement, the Leafs have made their first splash, and possibly not their last. It's not quite a blockbuster, but in Brian Boyle, the Leafs have made a significant upgrade to their depth down the middle.

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Is there a reason that the Leafs keep losing in the shootout?

Jeff Veillette
February 24 2017 05:40PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs need points wherever they can get them right now. The Atlantic Division race is very, very night right now; with six or so weeks to go in the season, the blue and white can very well win the whole thing or drop out of the playoff picture. If it's the latter, one of the things that will surely be pointed at is how they've done in the shootout.

Specifically, they have a 1-7 record this year in the skills competition; the worst in the league. Washington and Buffalo both have somewhat similarly gaudy 1-5 records, but after that, its no contest. Let's make no mistake either; those seven points could go a long way.

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The Leafs don't need to be sellers, but they should play the sellers market

Jeff Veillette
February 24 2017 09:45AM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

The NHL trade deadline is now less than a week away, and teams are finally starting to talk to each other and (gasp) even make some deals. In the past ten days, we've seen the following trades go down:

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