Stat of the Union: A goaltending roundtable

Adam Laskaris
April 10 2017 09:27AM

With a few off days before the NHL playoffs start, we thought we'd give you a moment to check out the latest edition of Stat of the Union: an NHL analytics roundtable. Today, we're bringing in five of the best goalie enthusiasts out there to give you their takes, hot or not, on the current state of affairs with the last line of defence in today's NHL. On today's panel:

Cat Silverman (CS) 

I work for InGoal Magazine and FanRag Sports covering hockey with a specialty in goaltending. I used to coach with the Arizona Coyotes youth development program, before having my daughter this past September.

Ian Fleming (IF)

I am a writer for and with a focus on the statistical evaluation of goaltenders, a business analyst for an international, tech-centric legal services provider, and a former goaltender.

Emmanuel Perry (MP)

Creator of Corsica.Hockey and analyst for WinnersView.

Greg Balloch (GB)

Hey, I'm Greg Balloch! I am a writer for InGoal Magazine based out of Vancouver, BC. I also work as a private goaltending instructor, and with the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL as their video coach and goaltending consultant. I originally grew up in Hamilton, Ontario (where I played), but moved to BC in 2011 to cover the Vancouver Canucks for one of the local radio stations. I'm 26 years old, and spend most of my day on Twitter attempting to explain why goalies do what they do.

Nick Mercandte (NM)

I am an attorney and analyst/consultant. I have over 30 years of experience playing goalie and coaching goaltenders. I currently write for Hockey Graphs and have written in various other places in the past.

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NHLNumbers Season Preview: Power Rankings No. 30-26

Adam Laskaris
October 07 2016 09:43AM

Through an algorithm known as "surveying a select number of our staff", we determined the following power rankings. Over the next six days, we'll be counting down the worst teams all the way to the best teams heading into the 2016-17 season. 

These are the basement dwellers. The teams with damn near no shot at playoff glory this season. The teams with fans who already know way too much about the upcoming draft. The teams who are worrying about down the road (hopefully). These are teams 30-26 on the NHLN power rankings. 

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Stat of the Union: A Hockey Analytics Roundtable

Adam Laskaris
July 29 2016 10:52AM


Graphic by Matt Henderson: @mhenderson95. The best!

Who doesn't love a good discussion? It's been quite a while since we've done a roundtable at NHLnumbers, so we figured we'd go big for our return to the game.Today, we focus on a quite broad topic: The state of hockey analytics, and their place in the modern game.

We've scoured the web for some of the brightest minds in hockey and looked to grab a number of differing opinions about the sport we know and love from people in a number of different backgrounds, who've all worked in the game in one way or another. 

Heads up before you go any further! It's about 10,000 words long

(But it's well worth the read.)

If you must, proceed forward and see what our panel has to say.  

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Let's be real: the Red Wings are really just a sad shadow of their former selves

Adam Laskaris
July 05 2016 10:44AM

Everywhere you look, there's incompetency and a lack of accountability in the Detroit Red Wings franchise.

Don't believe it?

Since a pair of back to back Stanley Cup Final berths in 2008-09, the Wings have gone from class of the NHL to a fringe playoff team.

Once a team that was a given to be at the top of the standings every year, the Red Wings have willingly committed themselves to mediocrity, with no clear thought process in place to get better.

Much of it goes back to the decision-making, thought process, and strange love affair with the history and past success of the franchise.

But as Albert Einstein famously once said, the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results"

This weekend as free agency opened, once again we saw prime examples of what exactly is holding this Original Six franchise back. With the signings of Steve Ott, Darren Helm, and Frans Nielsen, a hope to return back to the glory days of the Red Wings was met only with lateral moves, at best, and confusing long-term deals, at worst.

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Who is Boris Dorozhenko? A look at the man behind Auston Matthews' development

Adam Laskaris
June 30 2016 07:00AM

CHz3zwIWgAAo1S3 CHz3zwIWgAAo1S3

Photo via Boris Dorozhenko

Draft Day

Though the first round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft was must-see TV in the Toronto area and much of North America, Boris Dorozhenko didn’t see it live.

On Friday, June 24, at approximately 7:18 p.m. EST, Auston Matthews was selected by the Toronto Maple Leafs with the first overall pick in the draft. 

Dorozhenko, instructor at Next Generation Hockey schools, primarily based in Arizona, is the self-proclaimed creator of “Most unique & effective hockey player development system in the world”. He has been a coach of Matthews’ in one way or another since 2005. 

But while Matthews was trying on his new sweater, taking photos and being interviewed by just about every reporter that could find their way to Buffalo, Dorozhenko spent his Friday afternoon in a Phoenix Arizona rink teaching a regularly scheduled clinic.

“Someone has to be working,” Dorozhenko said.

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