Exploring the options for Steven Stamkos through Twitter

Adam Laskaris
June 29 2016 10:59AM

In a perfect world, every team in the NHL would like Steven Stamkos on their roster.

But in reality, there's only going to be one team that ends up with him when he hits free agency on July 1st.

Where it is is anybody's best guess. There's been rumours of front-runners and dark horses emerging, but until his deal is finalized, there will be theories swirling everywhere about where Stamkos is going, how much he'll sign for, and why. 

From the wonderful world of hockey Twitter, here's a take from each fanbase on why Stamkos should go to their city. 

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Because It's The Cap: St. Louis Blues

Adam Laskaris
June 23 2016 02:00PM

The St Louis Blues had a heartbreaking end to their season falling in the Conference Finals to the San Jose Sharks, but ultimately couldn't be too upset with how things turned out. After finally knocking off the Blackhawks in an unforgettable first round series, they held off the barrage of the Stars in another seven-game nail-biter. While they ran out of steam and couldn't advance to the Stanley Cup Final, it was a pretty successful season overall.

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Because it's the Cap: Tampa Bay Lightning

Adam Laskaris
June 20 2016 06:53PM

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There's rarely a Tampa Bay Lightning story these days that doesn't somehow relate to Steven Stamkos, but it's a shame so many fail to recognize the greatness of this team besides simply #91.

Though this franchise hasn't achieved a championship on this side of two lockouts, they've been a consistent contender as just about anyone as of late, in either conference

It's easy to think their window of contention is gone if their superstar forward doesn't stick around ... but there's plenty to like about this team than simply one player.

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Because It's The Cap: Florida Panthers

Adam Laskaris
June 16 2016 10:51AM

Florida Panthers: Fancy jerseys, fancy haircuts, fancy players, fancy cats, and perhaps most importantly, fancy stats.

If you haven't noticed yet, this is an organization that's finally figured it out, on and off the ice. Though they might not be dominating the league yet or packing the stands every night, they've set themselves up with one of the nicest futures in the NHL going forward.

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Because it's the Cap: Detroit Red Wings

Adam Laskaris
June 11 2016 06:54PM

Pavel Datsyuk really messes this whole salary cap thing up, eh? It's really hard to say what the Wings future holds, especially when they might be saddled with the cap hit of Datsyuk without actually having him on their roster.

While they did extend a 25-year playoff streak this season, honestly, just making the playoffs was a near-miracle in itself. And in an improving Atlantic Division, it might be another year of just making it... or 2016-17 could be *GASP* the year the Wings finally miss the playoffs. 

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