Because It's the Cap: Minnesota Wild

Adam Laskaris
June 04 2016 12:00PM

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes bad contracts.

After crashing out of the playoffs in six games, what's next for the Wild? The answer may (ok it probably won't) surprise you:

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Because It's The Cap: Carolina Hurricanes

Adam Laskaris
June 04 2016 09:00AM

Over the next month, we at NHLnumbers are going to be taking a look at where each team in the league currently stands based on what we learned from them last season, and where they realistically can and should go this summer with the resources and cap space they have. Also, sweet throwback pads from Trevor Kidd in the pic above, no?

Carolina was an imperfect storm in 2015-16, meddling through an 86-point season. Rough goaltending, a lack of offence and a talented, but young defensive group performed perhaps above some expectations, but still didn't light the league on fire. A bubble playoff teams at times during the season... Carolina heads into the 2016 offseason as one of the most crucial years in this franchise's future. The team appears to be on the come-up, but as we all know, that's easier said than done.

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Is Dylan Larkin going to be the Red Wings' next franchise player?

Adam Laskaris
May 09 2016 01:00PM

Over the next two weeks, we're going to be looking over some tough questions for the Wings this offseason, one per day. Today, we ask the question:  

Is Dylan Larkin going to be the Red Wings' next franchise player? (And if not, who is?)

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NHLN Playoff Notebook: Shots don't matter, goals matter

Adam Laskaris
May 03 2016 08:04AM

One game in the NHL on a given night is kind of a mixed bag of emotions. It's nice to be able to focus just on one game, without having to channel flip or worry you're watching the wrong one. When it's finished, there's no overtimes to catch, no debates if you should stay up late, or anything of that nature.

On the other hand, when there's only one game of NHL hockey, it leads to weird scheduling trends, as there's three lined up for tomorrow, then just Washington-Pittsburgh again Wednesday. There's probably a good reason why, but it's 

With that being said, here's what went down last night:

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2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round Preview: St. Louis Blues vs. Dallas Stars

Adam Laskaris
April 29 2016 02:20PM

Dallas St. Louis could be a great name for a fictional character, or the name of Martin St. Louis' next kid.

But unfortunately, it's just the name of two teams meeting in the playoffs, as the Dallas Stars take on the St. Louis Blues in the Western Conference second round series.

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