Reviewing the NHL Entry Draft - 2000 to 2008

July 31 2013 10:44PM

This is the third in a series of articles looking at the history of the NHL Entry Draft from 1979 to 2008. I have tabulated every pick made by every team during that time, selecting out the players who managed 200+ NHL games as draft successes. The initial look is a simple study wherein I credit a team with finding an NHL player, regardless of their draft position or impact on the NHL. The notable weaknesses of this approach are that it evens the playing field between the 3rd line journeyman winger and the franchise defenseman.

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Reviewing the NHL Entry Draft 1990 to 1999

July 10 2013 09:57AM

When one thinks of the 90s and NHL drafting it usually draws up images of a draft wasteland, devoid of the flash and skill we enjoyed in the 80s and centered on the occasions like the one above. There were two catastrophic draft years in the 90s, both of them near the tail end. The decade of NHL drafting from 1990 to 1999 was something of a paradox where the overall numbers of NHL players actually stabilized remarkably, but simultaneously delivered few elite-level talents to the league.

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Reviewing the NHL Entry Draft 1979 to 1989

July 03 2013 09:21AM

What constitutes a deep draft? Are there any patterns in the strength of draft years? Do some teams dominate the draft to a greater extent than others? Are there any historical trends that can be found by looking at the overall draft history? What teams find success at the draft and are there any patterns that can be gleaned from history?

In order to try and find some answers I collected data on the NHL Entry Draft from the first NHL Entry Draft in 1979 to 2008.

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Who Are the Edmonton Oilers' Best Scouts?

May 24 2013 10:48AM

I’d begun to notice something of a trend recently amongst the Oilers’ prospects and decided to take a closer look. Excluding 1st overall picks, is there a one area in which the Oilers are collecting the majority of their successful draft picks? In other words, who, based on draft pick performance to-date, are the Oilers’ best amateur scouts?

The Oilers scouting group is headed by Stu MacGregor, but also features others among the ranks, including Frank Musil, Brad Davis (son of former scout Lorne Davis), Bob Brown, Kent Hawley, Jim Crosson and others. Given the importance of the draft in the modern NHL and the Oilers’ dependence on that aspect of talent acquisition lately, which of these scouts is delivering at peak performance?

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