The QMJHL Rebounds: Origins of NHL Draft Picks

Derek Zona
July 24 2013 12:57PM

In my first look at the origins of NHL draft picks, I noted the drop in selections made from Eastern Europe:

In 2003 and 2004, leagues in Belarus, The Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Slovakia accounted for 19% of all picks.  In 2011 and 2012 those same leagues accounted for just 5% and 4% of all picks.  In fact, since 2007, those leagues haven't combined for more than 5% of all selections.

In 2013, it didn't get any better. Leagues in those six countries produces eight draft choices (all from Russian leagues), for 4.3% of the draft.

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Selection Bias, Methodologies and Outcomes

Kent Wilson
July 23 2013 10:30AM



By: Patrick D. (SnarkSD) of Fear the Fin


When it comes to statistical analysis the population of interest is everything. Outcomes only apply to the population in the study. Furthermore, any manipulation of the population adds bias to the study. Sometimes this is obvious, but other times it might hide behind a curtain which isn’t obvious, even if we apply tests of statistical significance. That is why methodology is important. In an effort not to bore you, let’s first discuss the more pertinent issue; selection bias, and return to methodology in the end of the article.

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Train with Gary Roberts & Steven Stamkos

Steve Dangle
July 19 2013 07:49AM

Gary Roberts.

Usually when you come face-to-face with a glare like that, it means you done goofed, or you play for Ottawa. Now it could be because you’re training with him and Steven Stamkos.

Wait what?!?! Oh, you heard me.

Gary Roberts as in the man-beast who terrorized the league for parts of three decade. Steven Stamkos as in the guy who sniped 60 goals in a season. You could be hanging out with these guys. Well, not really “hanging out,” per se. Allow me to explain…

The offseason is getting shorter and shorter. You can’t just let your fitness go to crap in the summer, because once the season fires up again, you’ll look like a pylon out there.

Enter: the last team standing

The Nike Hockey Facebook experience at lets players create a team with their friends and show how they’re dedicating the summer to training. The page has training videos designed by Gary Roberts, and Toronto’s strength and conditioning coach from 2002-2009, Matt Nichol. Obviously, these two guys know their stuff.

But Steve, what’s in it for me? I’ll tell you, whatever your name is!

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Not advanced statistics - The argument against renaming "Corsi"

Cam Charron
July 16 2013 10:31AM

Regardless of what you call them, there are going to be a lot of people that simply don't want to adopt certain statistics. There's a small push to rename the stats we have now—Corsi, PDO, Fenwick, whatever—to more user-friendly acronyms that explain better what the statistic details.

I don't think that's a particularly wise thing to do. There are already thousands of people that read #fancystats articles and don't keep up with the day-to-day backroom arguing between hockey's online group of statistical analysts, that mostly play out on Twitter. I think "Corsi" will be more intuitive the more it's used and the first time that a smart network host or personality decides to make use of it on-air.

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Can goalies control the number of rebounds they allow?

Rob Pettapiece
July 15 2013 01:42PM


Pekka Rinne
- pic via Mel


A while ago, I looked at whether skaters (or goalies) had any ability to generate (or avoid allowing) rebounds. With only one year of data, I concluded that "there definitely seems to be an individual goaltender skill in avoiding rebounds, but whether that skill matters is up for debate." This is an updated and improved version of that study, focusing just on goaltenders.

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