NHLNumbers Logo Contest Winner

Kent Wilson
May 31 2012 12:39PM

Today the Nation Network would like to announce the winner of the NHLNumbers logo contest - Entry "D" by Gregg Beever. Gregg is a graphic designer and webmaster by trade, but he also publishes a web comic called Inglorious Hipsters, which you should definitely check out. Follow Gregg on twitter here as well.

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Defending Brodeur

Eric T.
May 30 2012 04:31PM



With Martin Brodeur headed to the Stanley Cup Finals yet again, the discussion about how to evaluate his career has been renewed recently.

Those on the statistical analysis end of the spectrum tend to point to his good-but-not-great save percentages and argue that Brodeur was never a dominant performer, but his longevity is remarkable.

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Top Defensive Pairings

Robert Vollman
May 30 2012 12:14PM

The Norris Trophy is awarded every year to the defenseman who "demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-around ability in the position", but how can you truly separate a defenseman from his regular partner? The model adopted by the William Jennings trophy, which is handed out to both goalies despite the fact that you truly can separate their performances, is the one I prefer.  

But which defensive pairing was last year's best, and how can that be determined?

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NHLnumbers Podcast: Stanley Cup Finals Preview Show

NHLnumbers Podcast
May 29 2012 06:14AM

In our Stanley Cup Finals preview, we had a four-person panel consisting of John Fischer from In Lou We Trust and our own Brent, also from Driving Play, for the Devils' side of things as well as Niesy and Robert P. from Jewels from the Crown to give us the view from the Kings' angle.

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Which Goalies Got Crapped On: Statistically Smacking the Stick on the Ice

Ben Wendorf
May 28 2012 01:40PM



Anybody who has played goaltender (anywhere, ice hockey, ball hockey, rod hockey) will tell you: it blows to play behind a crappy team. They'll also tell you it sucks to play behind a team that takes too many penalties, pretty much guaranteeing you see more puck than a goaltender for Mongolia.  

We spend a lot of time slicing and dicing goaltending statistics, trying to isolate variables and determine talent, but we don't always look at what kind of team is playing in front of them. There's a reason for that; lest I be guilty of bearing the lede, Fenwick Close had zero correlation with 5v5 save percentage this last year, and in fact has had a slight negative correlation with 5v5 save percentage over the last five seasons.  

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