March 21 2014 11:44AM

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Now most of my hockey fantasies include Jordan Eberle, a bottle of sherry, a roaring fire and a DVD of All Dogs Go To Heaven. So when I heard about a video called the Fantasy Minute I was understandably excited.

Today we are introducing the Fantasy Minute but be forewarned - it's about fantasy hockey not necessarily fantasies about hockey. Oh and the mega babe host. No big deal.

*cackles wildly*

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Elo for Evaluating Players

Josh W
March 18 2014 12:06PM


If you've ever seen the movie The Social Network you will remember the scene early on where Mark Zuckerberg creates a website which allows the students of Harvard to compare and rate the hotness of two randomly selected females from the university and over time this allowed the campus to see who the collective student body thought was the "hottest" looking.

The very algorithm that was explained to Zuckerberg by Edwardo Saverin was the Elo rating system and lately I've been playing with it to see how it can work in the context of rating hockey players.

Read on past the jump to learn the method and results.

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Trade Deadline Day Running Diary

Dimitri Filipovic
March 05 2014 06:13AM

The 2014 Trade Deadline came and went. Following a busy prelude yesterday, it was difficult to gauge whether it was just the tip of the iceberg and a sign of things to come, or whether the teams that intended on being feisty had already blown their loads.

After the fact I'd say the answer was "both", sort of. The festivities - as they're one to do - started off with a largely slow, boring build-up. Based on my extensive field research, I'd say a large majority of people came into the day thinking there could really be some fireworks after being lured in and teased yesterday. So there was a lot of moaning, and groaning, and complaining. Nothing new there.

But sure enough, as we reached the noon PST deadline itself, trades began to come in bunches as some relatively big names were moved. Unfortunately for a lot of readers of this blog, there was one name in particular that wasn't moved and really stuck out - that being Ryan Kesler

Anyways, we spent the full morning updating this post in the style of a running diary, with a live chat mixed in as well. If you were working and missed out on it all, hopefully you'll be able to use this as a tool to get caught up. And even if you were actually around throughout, maybe you'll still be able to make some use of this bad boy. After all, Twitter is so active that things can slip through the cracks even for the most observant of fans!

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The Log Off Podcast: "Did you just call the greatest hockey player ever a D***?"

Dimitri Filipovic
March 03 2014 03:09PM

Photo via Associated Press

Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  • A breakdown of the Ryan Miller trade. Are the Blues any better? If so, how much?
  • From Buffalo's point of view, we discuss the rebuild they've set in motion.
  • Why did the Canucks start Lack over Luongo in the Heritage Classic?
  • What's the market for Ryan Kesler, and how much is he worth?
  • Plus, Cam learns the news that he has to watch CGY/MIN this week as his punishment for this.

Click past the jump to stream the podcast!

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The Log Off Podcast: "Can't you do a French accent, or something?"

Dimitri Filipovic
February 28 2014 03:07PM

Marty St.Louis is a market inefficiency, and he's fun as hell to watch.

Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  • A discussion about the Sloan Sports Conference
  • Brian Burke's comments on Moneyball, and the NHL's "market inefficiency"
  • Does wishing to be traded affect a player's performance?
  • The return of the Weekly Picks Contest
  • Plus, we unveil our plan for covering the Trade Deadline next week!

Click past the jump to stream the podcast!

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