Pacific Preview: Battle of Alberta back to life but California teams haven’t faded yet

Cam Lewis
October 03 2017 11:24AM



The Pacific Division may not be as deep as the Central Division, but it’s top heavy, and winning it isn’t going to be easy. The Oilers and Flames have brought the Alberta back to life for the first time in years, while the California teams are still kicking around. A sportsbook like Pinnacle Sports suggests any of those four teams could come out on top, making the Pacific difficult to predict.

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Metropolitan Preview: Penguins and Capitals still stand at the top of division loaded with promising wild cards

Cam Lewis
October 02 2017 03:19PM



The Metropolitan Division is clearly the better of the two in the Eastern Conference. According to oddsmakers like Pinnacle Sports, both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup favourites, and beneath them are a wealth of solid teams with exciting upside.

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Central Preview: Dallas Stars look poised to return to the top of league’s toughest division

Cam Lewis
October 02 2017 10:14AM



Welcome to the Central Division, likely the NHL’s toughest and most difficult to predict. When looking at an oddsmaker like Bodog, it’s clear this division is going to be difficult to win. Beyond the terrible Avalanche, the six teams in the Central are good enough to make the playoffs. Who’s going to get left out?

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Watch the Game Episode 38: Eastern Conference Preview with Ryan Wilson

Watch The Game Podcast
September 27 2017 07:00AM

Podcast Photo

Sam and Cam are back! They talk about the upcoming 2017-18 season beginning with the Eastern Conference. They talk about whether the Metropolitan Division is as deep as experts say and if the Atlantic Division can bounce back in a big way. (00:12-34:49)

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NHL Preseason: Perception vs. Reality

Jayson Spikes
September 25 2017 02:08PM


Players cannot possibly care as much about the preseason as the regular season. It’s simply human nature, and I think, as fans, we get that, usually.

Until, y’know, the Oilers start 5-0, the Flames start 2-2, Leafs start 2-2, the Canucks start 2-3-1 and the Golden Knights almost score double digits in their franchise debut. Then it can be hard as a fan to not get excited (if you're an Oilers fan), anxious (if you're a Flames, Leafs or Canucks fan) or bewildered (if you understand the phrase “expansion team”).

So today I wanted to blog about the possibility that the public systematically underestimates the impact low or zero motivation may have on the outcome of games. The was explored in the gambling context by Preseason bias in the NFL and NBA betting markets, where the authors found compelling evidence to support the case.

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