Byron Bader
May 09 2014 08:30AM


-via Dave Shaver

The NHL draft is one of the most important parts of any NHL team’s year. It is a team’s opportunity to pick up players that, down the road, may turn into franchise cornerstones or at least pieces that will them be successful. Unlike free agency or trades, the draft is an opportunity to add pivotal assets at basically no charge, with the added bonus of (likely) having the player through his prime playing years.

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Calder Cup 2014 Round 2 Possession Preview

Josh W
May 06 2014 09:10AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 7.52.55 PM

Anyone who has ever heard anything about hockey analytics has probably heard of Fenwick and Corsi, these two numbers represent puck possession, or how often a team has the puck in the offensive zone.  Having the puck more means you have more chances to score, less chances to be scored against and has a high correlation with winning in the long term.

Now that the first round of the Calder Cup is over and the series have been set up for the second round we can use puck possession to analyze the match ups and try and guess who has a better chance of winning.

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NEW METRIC: Adventure

Steve Dangle
May 05 2014 08:27AM

Winning is the only stat that matters.

Just kidding. Other statistics show things that lead to winning, making wins easier to predict and come by. Duh.

Here’s a stat: If you don’t continue reading this post then you won’t win any of the awesome prizes I’m going to tell you about.

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Nation Playoff Pool Update #2

May 02 2014 02:02PM


So one week goes by and your ol' pal bm has dropped 100 spots in the playoff pool - magic genie I am not.  Last week, I was talking trash about the poor suckers below me in the standings, fast forward to today and I am in the tank. I'm dropping faster than lady garments in the red light district. DAMN YOU CHRIS KELLY! I'm not sure who I would have picked had I remembered you were injured, but I am blaming you for all my pool related misfortunes. For shame, Chris Kelly.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Podcast: Round 2

Dimitri Filipovic
May 01 2014 02:53PM

Sad Joe is definitely the saddest GIF of the playoffs on Twitpic

After a fantastically hectic conclusion to the opening round of the NHL playoffs, we've got plenty of material to work with in discussing what went down, and then going on to preview what's looming ahead in Round 2. I was joined by some familiar names, including The Artist Formerly Known As @CamCharron, and a few others that you've probably come across on the internet.

You can click past the jump to listen in on the podcasts. Yes, even you, Jumbo. I promise it gets better.

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