Offseason Transactions Deep Dive: The Ryan Kesler Trade

Dimitri Filipovic
September 17 2014 11:10AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.08.31 AM

If it feels like it has been quite some time since the frenzy of moves the Vancouver Canucks made in that hectic stretch bridging the end of June and beginning of July, it's because it has been. With the summer now officially having been put in the rearview mirror as training camps are set to begin across the league, we're running a 5-part series reviewing what the Canucks did this summer, and what it means for them moving forward. 

This deep dive was executed by the excellent MoneyPuck_ on Twitter, who has contributed content for us in the past.

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The Log Off Podcast, Ep.9: "You're not allowed to talk about the Islanders anymore!"

Dimitri Filipovic
September 11 2014 10:03AM

"These guys can't get enough of us." "I love you Joh--.. I mean, yeah, what's with that?"

With this quite possibly being our final show before we're blessed with training camps and preseason hockey to overanalyze, we spent our last thread of downtime parsing through the Over/Under lines for team point totals as set by Bovada. There certainly appear to be a handful of teams that are either sorely undervalued or overvalued by the oddsmakers. Pounce on that while you still can.

Before closing, we spent some time answering an instructive question from a listener of the show about how you can apply analytics to help sniff out trends that'll help you draft the best possible fantasy hockey team in the coming weeks.

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Parsing through team over/under totals for the coming season

Dimitri Filipovic
September 10 2014 09:16AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 6.10.09 PM
Well, if Grapes is looking for something to invest that crisp $100 bill in..

The 2014-15 NHL season is rapidly approaching. Respective prospect tournaments and training camps are starting any day now, and the preseason schedule itself gets going less than two weeks from now. Those are sure-fire signs that hockey is on the horizon. 

Another harbinger that makes that realization feel more tangible? Bovada has released their over/under lines for team point totals this coming season. 

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The Log Off Podcast, Ep.8: with Corey Sznajder

Dimitri Filipovic
August 28 2014 10:53AM


With the tracking project he has had his face buried in for months now finally starting to get the widespread attention that it deserves, we had Corey Sznajder join the show this week. We discussed which players - like Valtteri Filppula for example, who's pictured above - have particularly caught his eye in the games he has tracked thus far. 

We also looked into whether their strong zone entry data is something that those holding out hope that the Colorado Avalanche won't fold like a deck of cards this coming season can find solace in, and whether the unseemly zone exit numbers for the Canucks will be righted now that John Tortorella and his system are out of the picture.

There's also a Severin Blindenbacher reference somewhere in there, too.

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The Log Off Podcast, Ep.7: with Corey Pronman

Dimitri Filipovic
August 21 2014 10:02AM


ESPN's Corey Pronman joined us this week in light of the diligent and exhaustive Top 100, organizational rankings, and Team Top 10s he has been releasing lately for the public. 

We got around to looking into the remaining market inefficiencies come the draft, why defensemen generally experience more unpredictable development paths than forwards, and whether the teams with the most lucrative pipelines are in the positions that they are because of drafting, development, or a combination of both. There's also some stuff here about the 2015 class, for you hopefuls out there.

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