NHLNumbers Logo Contest

Kent Wilson
May 18 2012 01:53PM



With the launch of the new NHLNumbers blog and the continued development of the site's resources and functions, we figured it's time to update the graphics around here. Specifically, we're looking for a new logo for the site.

Now, we could have gone to some pro graphic designer and spent thousands of dollars only to be slightly disappointed by the outcome, but instead we're opening up the project to the Nation readers instead.

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Number Chains - May 15, 2012 Links

Kent Wilson
May 15 2012 11:42AM

 This new, regular feature on NHLNumbers will share interesting stats-related posts from around the web every week.

  • First up is a non-hockey article from Deadspin. Confessions of an NBA scorekeeper looks at how certain results in pro basketball are "fudgible" and how even earnest or well-meaning stats counters can be influenced to favorably adjust things like assists or blocks for a certain team or player on any given night.

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The Theory and Nature of Current Advanced Hockey Analysis

Kent Wilson
May 11 2012 09:16AM



(NHLNumbers will occassionally publish some of our author's archival material. This article was originally posted on July 23rd, 2011)

Before we move forward, it makes sense to discuss and explicate the basis of the analyses we tend to engage in here. The theory, the application and the practicality of the stats we employ and the resultant interpretations. 

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Welcome to NHLNumbers

Kent Wilson
May 09 2012 05:06PM



To those who are only now discovering advanced analysis in hockey, the entire endeavor must be slightly overwhelming. The collection of foreign sounding terms and acronyms, the array of tables and graphs, the intimidating argot of stats speak and often counter-intuitive findings can make the field seem alien and off-putting.

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