We strive to make your experience at the Nation network of hockey sites (OilersNation, FlamesNation, CanucksArmy, and TheLeafsNation) as enjoyable as possible. But we need a little effort from you to do that, so we drafted this here wee comments code that we expect our community to abide by.

It basically boils down to this: don't be a complete a-hole, and make sure the comments you're providing aren't lame or repetitive. Above all, enjoy yourself. It's a celebration, bitches!

Keep the garbage to a minimum...

As much as possible, strive to make your comments a response to the points raised in the post. Take your time composing your comments. It's not a race to be the first one to post. This means that if you post comments that just say, for example, "first" don't expect that comment to be up for very long.

And try to add something to the dialogue that's more than just "I agree."

Read the entire post before commenting

Make sure you've read the whole post before adding your two cents.

Read the other comments before commenting

There's a chance someone's made a similar point to the one you want to make, particularly when you happen upon a post that already has 100+ comments. Do everyone the courtesy of reading the whole discussion before you add your points.

No posting anything sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, libelous or otherwise hateful in nature

We won't tolerate any of this. This is an open forum for everyone to contribute to, so don't post to incite hate. There's a good chance we'll ban you. We can't abide trolls.

No fighting

Yelling at each other can be hilarious. But it can also get tiresome after awhile. Attack people's ideas... not the people themselves.

It's cool to disagree with someone's points. Hell, it's encouraged. It can make for fantastic debate. But just because someone says something you don't agree with doesn't give you license to personally attack them.

The Nation staff loves its writers. We treat them like solid gold, and they provide us with some of the best hockey content on the web. Please extend the same courtesy to them. They work their tails OFF for us, so argue the points, not the personalities.

Also, pointing out other commenters' spelling or grammatical errors is often tragic, since people who do so invariably spell something incorrectly themselves. Do you really want to be that douchebag?

Make it readable

Go easy on the caps and exclamation points.

If you dare to break these rules...

You may be banned, or, perhaps worse, "disemvoweled." We might warn you in the comments or we might not. If you ignore a warning, you will probably be banned. If you feel your ban is unwarranted, email and we'll hear you out.

What's "Disemvoweling?"

It's when we remove all the vowels from your comment, making it very hard to read. This is when you've said something out of line that doesn't warrant a ban, but we just don't want to have to see it or subject others to it. If you get disemvoweled, consider it a warning that a ban may be imminent.

If you see a commenter violating these rules, email

NOTE: this comments policy based on the bits we liked from and, two of the coolest, nerdiest sites on the web.