Why would the Flames take a chance on Chris Higgins?

Ari Yanover
September 02 2016 12:00PM

So, here we are: it's September, and Johnny Gaudreau does not yet have a contract. We've poked around a bit at just what the Flames' cap situation for the future could look like, but with what will probably be the most expensive deal on the team still yet to be signed, there hasn't been much else we can do.

Gaudreau doesn't have a contract - but Chris Higgins does.

Well, kind of. Not really. He's on a professional tryout, so he can be cut at a moment's notice; no commitment has been extended towards him, not even for a season. Kind of like his former Flames career: the one that lasted all of 12 games, and that was that.

Now, it looks like Higgins' best hope of getting back into the NHL is with the Flames. But he's far from a lock; guys who sign PTOs don't tend to earn NHL contracts, even if they do have a decent enough body of work. So Higgins probably isn't a point of concern.

But let's talk about him anyway, just in case he is - especially because it wasn't that long ago he was a successful NHLer.

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Neutral Zone Playing Styles: What Does Chemistry Look Like?

Shawn Reis
September 02 2016 10:59AM

Alex Novet did some really fantastic work on neutral zone playing styles recently, taking Corey Sznajder's incredible work on zone entries and turning it into something that can help define player roles.

For this article I'll be drawing on Novet's work once again in attempt to better define player chemistry.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
September 02 2016 05:00AM


Jets name new Captain, the Florida Panthers like CanucksArmy, ESPN likes the Leafs prospects, projecting the Canucks and Flames scoring this season, Taylor Hall speaks after digesting trade from Oilers, a classic star fight, hockey hair, win tickets to the premier of Ice Guardians and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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How Many Points Will Each Canuck Score in the 2016-17 Season?

J.D. Burke
September 01 2016 01:00PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.07.41 PM

Perry Nelson: USA Today Sports

We're at a point in the off-season where what you see is what you get with most NHL rosters. That includes the Vancouver Canucks, who in spite of their best efforts have yet to pry that elusive middle six winger from the trade market and don't seem likely to at any point before the season.

That means we can start to get a sense of how the lineup will shake out and make predictions about individual player production. Now, I haven't the analytical savvy to come to any sort of conclusions myself, but publications invested in fantasy hockey along with Dom Luszczyszyn are more than capable. And I'm going to lean on their expertise for the purpose of this article and take a gander at what we might expect from the Canucks production wise going into next season.

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The Road to 2026: Calgary's Risks and Rewards

Ryan Pike
September 01 2016 01:00PM

The Olympics definitely have their downsides and detractors, as we've discussed in some detail over the past few days. But there are a lot of people that have a sentimental attachment to the games, as the 1988 Olympics were huge for Calgary stepping into global prominence. And while the Olympics of the modern era may in fact be a device for wealth transfer, throwing a bunch of shiny baubles into a tiny geographic area, holding some sporting events and then asking the governments of the day to pay for it afterwards, is it possible for that model to work in Calgary's favour?

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