Gordie Howe: The Second Act

Greg Brady
June 11 2016 08:17AM

So much has been written about Gordie Howe's hockey legacy over the past 24 hours, and what more can be added, truly?  A week after boxing's greatest icon passed away, one of hockey's most iconic figures lost a long and difficult battle with dementia, at age 88.  

I've always noted how fortunate I've been to have just caught glimpses and "windows" of some great athletes' careers before they ended.  I don't remember Johnny Unitas or Joe Namath, but I do recall Hank Aaron as a very small boy (and had a Topps baseball card labeling him as a "DH") with the Milwaukee Brewers.  I don't remember Wilt Chamberlain but obviously, I was front and centre and paying attention for the beginning of the careers of Bird, Magic, and Isiah.  

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Because It's The Cap: Boston Bruins

Scott Maxwell
June 10 2016 10:00AM

In recent NHL history, no team has had more of a legacy than the Boston Bruins. Yes, the Kings and Blackhawks are dynasties. But, the Bruins are like an earthquake. Not only do they attack you when you're playing them, but they leave an aftershock, where teams felt the need to toughen up to match up to them.

Look at some of the bottom feeding franchises for examples. The Vancouver Canucks got bullied in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, to the point where they felt the need to toughen up in the offseason, making the team worse, and now look at them. The Toronto Maple Leafs, after blowing a 4-1 lead in 2013 *experiences 'Nam flashbacks*, also felt the need to toughen up, and added David Clarkson and Dave Bolland. The Buffalo Sabres, after Milan Lucic's run at Ryan Miller in 2012, felt the need to toughen up, and added John Scott. Do you see the pattern?

Another team left in the wake of the destruction of the Boston Bruins? The Boston Bruins. Yes, the team that re-defined toughness has tried so hard to emulate that in recent years to the point where they've become a parody of their former selves. That's how Zac Rinaldo and Kevan Miller came to be.

Without further ado, let's take a deeper look at what the Bruins need to do this offseason to get back to contender status — or if they even can.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
June 10 2016 05:00AM

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Ads on NHL jerseys, Stamkos to the Leafs heats up, Wings shouldn't pay to get rid of Datsyuk, Milan Lucic open to Western Canada, despite point totals Trouba getting better, Flames possibilities of picking 3rd, Oilers should consider trading Draisaitl, myths of winning in the West, 2016 NHL draft, free agent profiles and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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Because It's The Cap: Nashville Predators

Jeremy Crowe
June 08 2016 11:00AM

Nashville built off of a strong 2014/15 season with a very good 2015/16, although to some it may have been considered a bit of a disappointment. The team made it to game seven of the Western Conference semi-finals, before ultimately bowing out to the Sharks, but finished with eight fewer points than the previous season. There were some scoring woes and, despite the addition of top centre Ryan Johansen from Columbus in a mid-season blockbuster, the team was unable to produce consistent results. On the whole, Nashville suffered from a bit of bad luck regarding shooting percentage, and subpar performances in net from Pekka Rinne and Carter Hutton. Had they performed as well as their expected goal metric indicated, we might be singing a different tune about Nashville’s final positioning this season.

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Because It's The Cap: Philadelphia Flyers

Shawn Reis
June 07 2016 09:00AM

Over the next month, we at NHLnumbers are going to be taking a look at where each team in the league currently stands based on what we learned from them last season, and where they realistically can and should go this summer with the resources and cap space they have.

The Flyers were kind of a nice story last year, if you can get behind a team that comes from a city with a shabby reputation. Still, the team was able to sneak into the playoffs with a late season push led by a rookie coach, a rookie defenseman, and some stellar goaltending.

The team was far from perfect — they had puck possession percentages on the wrong side of 50, and ultimately were -4 in goal differential, but they still did enough to keep themselves playing hockey past early April. Let's take a closer look at what exactly the Flyers have on their roster, in their system, and on the books in order to better assess where the team can and should go moving forward.

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