Cap implications of Grossmann's reassignment

Ryan Pike
November 09 2016 08:00AM

A common question we received when Nicklas Grossmann was placed on waivers yesterday by the Calgary Flames was about the salary cap implications of his potential assignment to the American Hockey League. With all of the wonkiness and wackiness regarding the long-term injured reserve, cap relief and remaining cap space, we thought we'd dig into it a bit.

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By The Numbers: Thirteen games in shows a lot of growing pains

Garret Hohl
November 08 2016 03:05PM

The season has only just begun, with each team still needing to play about seventy or so games. However, with the entire league playing ten or more games already, one can draw some general expectations on future performance using statistics.

With a losing record and the team rarely winning, it is no surprise to fans that the Winnipeg Jets have struggled, but by how much?

Here are some quick points and thoughts on the numbers surrounding the Jets.

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The Flames should sign Tyler Parsons before the end of 2016

Ryan Pike
November 08 2016 02:00PM

Aside from some tweaks via injury call ups, it seems as if we're into a rather quiet period for the Calgary Flames and newsworthy transactions. However, it shouldn't be perceived that business is closed for Flames general manager Brad Treliving.

Based on the benefits of doing so and the club's history of getting such deals done in similar circumstances, I fully expect the Flames to sign 2016 second round pick Tyler Parsons before the end of 2016.

Here's why I'm so sure.

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Despite draft skepticism, Yegor Korshkov is finding his groove in the KHL

Jeff Veillette
November 08 2016 12:36PM


Even as somebody who often spends their mornings catching up to the ongoings of the KHL, I was a little shocked when the Toronto Maple Leafs announced Yegor Korshkov as their 31st overall selection. Shocked might even be a generous word; I was straight up disappointed. After all, a lot of "scores all the points" darlings like Chicago Blackhawks prospect Alex Debrincat (who just signed his ELC yesterday) players were still on the podium, and here the Leafs were using the highest second round pick possible on an overager that had twelve points in what would usually be his Draft+1.

But I warmed up to the selection a little bit as time progressed, and as I've done that, Korshkov has heated up.

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Brett Kulak and the expansion draft

Ari Yanover
November 08 2016 12:00PM

Let's quickly review the rules for the upcoming NHL expansion draft. One specific rule, actually:

All first- and second-year professionals, as well as all unsigned draft choices, will be exempt from selection (and will not be counted toward their club's applicable protection limits).

Brett Kulak played his 2014-15 season in the ECHL, AHL, and NHL. He played his 2015-16 season in the AHL and NHL. He is playing his 2016-17 season - his third professional year - in the NHL.

It does not matter how many games Kulak plays this season. Kulak could be sent to Adirondack and play the rest of the year there and he would still be eligible to be taken in the expansion draft unless he is specifically protected. He is not a part of any exemptions, just as Emile Poirier and Hunter Shinkaruk are not.

The Flames will meet player exposure requirements with him or without. They have no impact on Kulak's status as a third-year pro.

And the way things are currently going, he could be the most interesting story on the Flames this year.

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