Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 7

Josh W
June 23 2014 12:36PM


Credit to Reddit's /r/hockey

With hockey being officially over and the World Cup in full effect it seems there has been much less interest this week in hockey analytics research. The past 7 days have many provided us with fewer articles than we've had in the past, but there's still some interesting little nuggets to pass along.

Read on past the jump for a look at the most worthwhile things I could scrounge up, you fellow nerds. If you'd like to make sure that something you've either written or stumbled upon gets included in future editions, feel free to send them my way.

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The Log.. On Podcast(?): "So you're saying Tyler Bozak wouldn't make it in the West?"

Dimitri Filipovic
June 20 2014 01:12PM

It's tough being a San Jose Sharks supporter these days.

After a technical mishap last week resulted in a lost episode, we're logging back on. With Cam Charron too busy enjoying the fruitful life of someone that isn't bogged down by their Twitter account, Former-Friend-of-the-Podcast-turned-Host-of-the-Podcast Derek Tanabe and I took some time to discuss the following:

  • What does Brad Richards have left to give?
  • How different will the New York Rangers look in the coming years?
  • What are the ideal landing spots for Jason Spezza and Ryan Kesler?
  • What on earth is going on with the San Jose Sharks these days?
  • What direction is analytical analysis headed in?
  • Will teams ever properly evaluate smaller, more skilled players?
  • And finally, can the Islanders make the playoffs next year?

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Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 6

Josh W
June 16 2014 01:58PM


The Rangers deploying advanced systems tactics

Welcome to this week's version of the Journal of Hockey Analytics. The final game of hockey for the 2013-14 season has been played, which means that all of your favourite bloggers and writers will now be turning their attention towards the future; the draft, free agency, and trades.

So for your slow Monday at work, continue past the jump for analysis of draft picks, and lots of cool little nuggets regarding neutral zone data and luck!

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On Offensive Zone Entries and the Importance of Neutral Zone Play

June 12 2014 09:00AM

In 2012, Eric Tulsky published a call to arms for tracking offensive zone entries in hockey spurred by his initial findings on the subject. Zone entries have since become a focal point in the advanced statistics community, with many contributing to the endeavour by collecting data from games involving their favourite teams. Tulsky, along with Geoffrey Detweiler and Corey Sznajder, presented their work at the 2013 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, wherein they outlined the importance of neutral zone performance and how we may use zone entries to separate play in all three zones.

It was found that entries in which the zone was gained with uninterrupted control of the puck generated a far greater number of shots and goals on average than those in which the puck was shot in. In addition, players failed to show consistency in their performances at either end, while their play in the neutral zone showed statistically significant reproducibility. I will henceforth assume prior knowledge of this topic so I urge anybody who hasn't read up on it yet to do so.

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June 10 2014 03:10PM

It’s summer at the Nation Network. All five sites’ teams missed the playoffs this season -- a new record -- so thanks guys. The annual “the Oilers missed the playoffs so Wanye goes running off into the world to backpack and pout” trip is now over. We are looking straight down the barrel of another Charity draft party and are starting to shill tickets.

The machine can't stop turning just because every single team we cover has failed epically.

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