NHL Notebook - March 31

Anthony Petrielli
March 31 2015 12:18PM

Other than the Stanley Cup deciding game, the biggest moment of this NHL season will arguably be who wins the draft lottery.

In a regular draft class that wouldn't be the case, but this season is anything but ordinary with the generational-looking Connor McDavid to be had at first overall and a first-overall-pick-in-any-other-year player in Jack Eichel waiting to go second.

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The NHL Goaltending Carousel

Jonathan Willis
March 28 2015 01:30PM

Antti Niemi2

We’re approaching what could be a pretty slow summer for goalie moves. There really aren’t that many No. 1 candidates approaching free agency or plausibly available via trade; at the same time 80 percent of the league – 24 teams – has a legitimate starter under contract and two more clubs have one entering restricted free agency.

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March Madness: Tank Edition

Cam Lewis
March 27 2015 11:24AM


Earlier this week, I took a look at the playoff races in both the Western and Eastern Conferences — the NHL’s version of March Madness. Because of the 2015 draft likely being the best class of rookies in over a decade, the race to the bottom has become just as interesting as the battles for playoff positions for many fans. 

With a couple weeks left to go in the season, we have four teams who have truly stood out as the best tankers in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes. Something to note, the league is changing the draft lottery format this year, and again next year to deter teams from trying to lose games. This year, they’ve lowered the odds for the worst teams in the league to have their magic ball drawn, and next year they’re drawing balls to determine the first three draft slots. 

Anyways, teams are just trying to be as bad as possible so even if they don’t get McDavid, they can still get the best consolation prize possible. 

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CWHL Numbers: Women's World Championship Preview

Zoë C Hayden
March 26 2015 08:49AM

CWHL Numbers

March is the most exciting month for women's hockey. First, the CWHL had its Clarkson Cup Tournament in Markham, Ontario, followed just a few weeks later by the women's NCAA Frozen Four, this time in Minneapolis, Minnesota (with the Minnesota Golden Gophers coming out on top).

With both the CWHL and NCAA seasons over, all of the best female players in the world are now free for the IIHF Women's World Championships, opening in Malmö, Sweden on March 28. Outside of the Olympics, it's the largest and most diverse high-level tournament for women's hockey, and it happens with much more frequency.

Read past the jump for a preview of the upcoming event!

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NHL Notebook- March 24th

Anthony Petrielli
March 24 2015 08:57AM

Last weekend the Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators played each other in a game with playoff implications. At the time both clubs were still trying to scratch and claw their way in.

The game was tied with five minutes left, and in the rest of regulation the teams combined for three shots on net. With a free point awaiting each team, it was clear what they were trying to do.

In Ottawa’s next game they played Carolina and were faced with the same situation, tied with five minutes to go. The difference this time was that the Hurricanes were firmly out of the playoff picture and playing freely regardless of the situation, so in that game there were eight shots on net in the final five minutes and a flurry of activity.

A few days after that, Colorado played Anaheim and they were tied. The final 20 seconds of that game was spent watching Tyson Barrie stand behind his own net waiting for the time to expire in order to collect a point, while fans booed. 

So while the NHL has been brainstorming ideas to curb shootouts, the real focus should be on more games ending in regulation.

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