How Good Are The Leafs: October Edition

Dom Luszczyszyn
November 10 2016 08:10AM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

One of the biggest topics of discussion among Leafs fans after the first month of the season is centred around just how good this team is.

There's many out there who remember last year's futility and think this year will be more of the same, especially with that defence. It'll be a while before they compete.

There are others who think this team can be competitive this season but ultimately don't have the talent or depth to make it to the post-season. Maybe next year, but it could be close.

Then there are the optimists that are hell bent on the fact that #TheLeafsAreActuallyGood and the pain is over. Playoffs could come as soon as this season.

How good are they really?

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Digging into the Flames' power play struggles

Ryan Pike
November 10 2016 08:00AM

Special teams were a big focus for the Calgary Flames over the past couple of days of practice, and for good reason. In short? Their special teams haven't been very good this season. Their power play has scored four goals this season in 48 opportunities. For context, six National Hockey League players have scored as many PP goals as the Flames and another, Winnipeg's Patrik Laine, has more.

Let's drill into what the Flames aren't doing with the extra man.

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The Penguins should hold on to Fleury until the end of the season

Jacob Stoller
November 09 2016 01:39PM

Having two starting calibre goalies sharing one goalie crease is a great dilemma to have in the NHL. But down the road, it may not be much of a luxury, rather a problem, for the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

With the assembling of the Las Vegas NHL team penciled in for next June, the Penguins can only protect one of their two goaltenders and if one of their goalies is left unprotected, the Penguins are almost guaranteed to lose whoever they don't protect. Pittsburgh won't want to be faced with that decision in the first place when the expansion draft arises. The only solution to avoid losing a goalie for nothing; Either Marc-Andre Fleury or Matt Murray would have to be traded before the expansion draft. 

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Cap implications of Grossmann's reassignment

Ryan Pike
November 09 2016 08:00AM

A common question we received when Nicklas Grossmann was placed on waivers yesterday by the Calgary Flames was about the salary cap implications of his potential assignment to the American Hockey League. With all of the wonkiness and wackiness regarding the long-term injured reserve, cap relief and remaining cap space, we thought we'd dig into it a bit.

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By The Numbers: Thirteen games in shows a lot of growing pains

Garret Hohl
November 08 2016 03:05PM

The season has only just begun, with each team still needing to play about seventy or so games. However, with the entire league playing ten or more games already, one can draw some general expectations on future performance using statistics.

With a losing record and the team rarely winning, it is no surprise to fans that the Winnipeg Jets have struggled, but by how much?

Here are some quick points and thoughts on the numbers surrounding the Jets.

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