Setting the Salary Cap: The Zero-Sum Game and How to Fix it

Thomas Drance
February 05 2015 10:35AM

What follows is an article from Nation Network senior collective bargaining agreement correspondent and corporate lawyer @BeantownCanuck. You may remember him from his stellar work on rule 13.23, or his piece on the penalties for cap floor violations

Today Beantown sets his eyes on the NHL's confusing escrow system, which pits players against players, and results in uncertainty for NHL executives. He has some ideas to improve the system. 

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The Nashville Predators proved they're a legitimate contender in Rinne's absence

Cam Lewis
February 05 2015 08:15AM

On Wednesday, Pekka Rinne was cleared to rejoin the Nashville Predators, meaning he’ll likely be back in net today against the Anaheim Ducks.

When Rinne got injured three weeks ago, the Nashville Predators owned the best record in the NHL. At the time, he had accounted for all 29 of his team’s wins and had earned some recognition as a potential Hart Trophy candidate. In three weeks without Rinne, the Predators posted a 4-2-2 record, maintaining their spot at the top of the league’s standings, which they share in a tie with the same Ducks they’ll face today.

Without Rinne in net, the Predators were forced to prove to the league that they weren’t pretenders who gained success on the back of exceptionally strong goaltending. 

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Why Evander Kane is a top-6 forward

Garret Hohl
February 04 2015 02:32PM

Earlier today Gary Lawless said a few things about Winnipeg Jets young forward Evander Kane during an appearance on TSN 1050. Some of what he said I agree with, and some I don't.

Let's get into it.

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Road to the Stadium Series - Episode 1

Thomas Drance
February 04 2015 10:38AM


What follows is a hilarious cross-posted recap of Epix's Road to the Stadium series from our sister blog The Royal Half! It was written by Jesse Cohen, follow him on Twitter.

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A NationDrafts Champion is Born

February 04 2015 06:00AM


To start off the year we decided to have another round of the always loveable NationDrafts!  Unfortunately, the pool ended without the fanfare that I feel that it deserved.  Things ended without our winners getting the day in the sun that they're pale blotchy skin so desperately deserves.  With that, I present the winners of the NationDrafts pool.

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