Eyes on the Dollar: Nashville Predators

Cam Lewis
October 28 2015 09:00AM

Earlier this week, the Nashville Predators locked Mattias Ekholm to a six-year extension, meaning they have the brunt of their defensive core locked up long-term. The only core defenceman who isn't under control for the foreseeable future is Seth Jones, who's entry-level deal expires at the end of the season. Along with Jones, Filip Forsberg will also need a new deal this summer, but thanks to a bunch of team-friendly deals, the Preds should have no problem getting their star young players signed. 

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2016 Draft - PCS Preseason Rankings - Part 3 - Curious Case of Max Jones

money puck
October 25 2015 01:47PM

In the first two parts of this series on 2016 draft eligible prospects, I focused on prospects whose performance as a 16-year-old was so off the charts that they did not have historical peers and players whose PCS scores were so high that they suggest a very high likelihood of future success. However, one of the most valuable attributes of PCS is when you see a highly rated prospect whose performance so far does not seem to match his scouting rank. 

There was no bigger disconnect between the scouting ranking and actual production than for the London Knight's Max Jones, so I thought it would be worthwhile to dig into this a bit further. 

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The effects of the Joe Thornton trade a decade later

Cam Lewis
October 24 2015 09:00AM

It’s crazy how time flies. It’s been almost a decade now since the Boston Bruins shipped Joe Thornton, their franchise cornerstone, to the San Jose Sharks for Brad Stuart, Wayne Primeau, and Marco Sturm. That’s obviously a really underwhelming package to get back for the guy who went on to win the Hart Trophy that same season, but you could argue that Boston ended up being the long-term winner because they won the Stanley Cup in 2011, while the Sharks have failed to live up to expectations in the playoffs. 

Let’s look back at one of the biggest trades in recent memory and see how it effected both of the teams involved. 

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5 things: Is the Pacific worse than we thought?

Ryan Lambert
October 23 2015 02:46PM

The Pacific Division looks absolutely awful two and a half weeks into the season. Is this just a small sample size thing, or are these teams actually this bad? 

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2016 Draft - PCS Preseason Rankings - Part 2 - PCS Juggernauts

money puck
October 23 2015 10:00AM

In the first part of this PCS pre-season draft ranking series, I looked at players whose 16 year-old seasons were so off the charts that they did not have peers in our PCS database. Now I'll look at some other consensus first round picks who put up monster 2014-15 seasons in the eyes of PCS. 

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