The Roundup

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July 17 2015 07:00AM


Kesler's new contract and the Dave Nonis effect, Leafs salary cap situation, Flames new guys provide more options, what the numbers predict for Vancouver next season, Oilers interested in Seabrook, have no one to blame but themselves for Justin Schultz and more in this week's Roundup.

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Talent Left on the 2015 Draft Floor

Josh W
July 14 2015 02:02PM

Every year at the NHL Entry Draft a number of teams make really smart decisions on their picks (Islanders, Jets) while other teams seem to fall on their face (Bruins).  At the end of the 210 picks, inevitably there are players every year who are not chosen despite showing potential to be better than average picks.  This makes these players currently Unrestricted Free Agents and available to be signed to contracts by teams who feels they have potential.  

Looking back at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, MoneyPuck used PCS to look back at those players who had a high chance of success at the NHL level.  (Un)surprisingly many were invited to teams camps and many went on to become important players on their teams, invited to World Juniors, and some were even signed to NHL teams.

With a current baseline of 8% of forwards and 5.6% of defencemen drafted move on to become NHL regulars, we can use PCS to look back at the 2015 draft and see players who should be invited to camps and are good bets to spend an ELC on.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 10 2015 06:30AM


Canucks front office moves, the Leafs re-sign Martin Marincin, the Oilers take Justin Schultz to arbitration, the Flames cap crunch and more in this week's Roundup.

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Who's Left? Unrestricted Free Agent Defencemen Still on the Market

Cam Lewis
July 08 2015 03:19PM

All in all, 2015 has given us a pretty tame offseason so far. The crop of unrestricted free agents wasn’t too strong, and as a result of a lower than expected salary cap ceiling, there wasn’t as much money to be spent as usual. As a result, a match made in heaven where teams didn’t massively overpay for the average to above average players on the market. Aside from Ryan O’Reilly’s bizarre, bulletproof contract with the Sabres, there haven’t been many ugly contracts handed out over the past week. 

Although a good chunk of the top talent from this year’s UFA class is off the board, a few big names are still floating around on the market. Some of the guys available flying under the radar would make great additions and could really be worth top dollar, while others seem like the types who should be avoided like the plague. 

After the jump I’ll take a look at some of the interesting names left of the 2015 UFA defenceman crop.

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The Roundup

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July 03 2015 06:30AM


We've got you covered with the best articles from the CRAZIEST week in hockey's off-season, check it all out in this week's Roundup.

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