The Log Off Podcast, Ep.4: "Our Hot PK Subban Takes™ were too much for the internet to handle!"

Dimitri Filipovic
July 31 2014 10:21AM


There's a first for everything, and that sentiment rings truer today than ever before after an analytically-inclined podcast spent a strong 10-15 minutes praising a series of moves the Toronto Maple Leafs made recently. 

This week's show included that, some Hot PK Subban Takes™, and an extensive look at how this offseason has affected the Eastern Conference landscape.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 25 2014 08:05AM


Trading a young star, stats for days, behind the Kesler trade talks, Draisaitl versus Bennett and more, all in this weeks roundup

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Robin Brownlee
July 24 2014 02:24PM

Roger Neilson

Having more information to draw on when you're building or coaching a NHL team is never a bad thing, be it in the form of grainy VHS videotape or advanced stats and analytics.

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The Log Off Podcast: with Jamie McLennan

Dimitri Filipovic
July 23 2014 11:55AM


Former NHL goaltender and current TSN/NHL Network analyst Jamie McLennan joined the show this week to discuss the usage of analytics in front offices around the league, the progressive acceptance of them in the mainstream, and how we can better understand and analyze the volatile goaltending position moving forward.

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Leafs shake up front office, hire stats Hound Dubas (seriously)

Cam Charron
July 22 2014 09:28AM

kyle dubas picture

I was wondering when the first NHL team would jump on Kyle Dubas, the young Ontario Hockey League general manager who has turned around the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds program since his arrival. The Greyhounds have redefined the way they look for talent through the draft and how they break down player performance.

I did not think it would ever be the Toronto Maple Leafs, but this is apparently that new world.

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