Scoring Chances: Slovenia v. Russia

Dimitri Filipovic
February 13 2014 08:27AM

the kopitars

In case you were wondering why I was watching Russia/Slovenia instead of USA/Slovakia, the explanation is here. I lost a friendly wager to Cam Charron on our podcast, and as a result I had to watch a game of his choosing. Against all odds, it wound up being a blessing.. because this game actually wound up being more competitive and intriguing than the butt whooping the States gave their Slovakian opponents.

Anyways, just past the jump I'll run through how Russia eventually wound up opening their slate of games in front of the home crowd by beating Slovenia, 5-2. There will be scoring chance data provided, to go along with some of my musings.

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February 11 2014 07:22PM


Can it really be 4 years since the Olympics in Vancouver already? Simple math would suggest that is the case but we have a sneaking suspicion we may have fallen through some sort of worm hole or rip in the space time continuum. It seriously can't be 4 years can it? Hmm.

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The Log Off Podcast: "Anyone that thinks Jeff Carter doesn't have a high compete level needs to watch him play beer pong"

Dimitri Filipovic
February 10 2014 02:17PM

Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  • Quick recap of this past week's slate of NHL games (with a focus on Leafs/Canucks)
  • Just how important is to have your owner, GM, coach, and players all in sync?
  • Who the hell is Kristers Gudlevskis
  • Thoughts on Team Canada's initial line combinations
  • How big of an impact will the big ice in Sochi actually have on the game?
  • Cam announces my punishment for losing last weekend's picks contest.

Click past the jump to stream the podcast!

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Machine Learning & Pre-Game Text Reports to Forecast Success in Hockey

Josh W
February 08 2014 10:06AM

In the final part of my Machine Learning (ML) / Prediction series I’ve explored the ability to forecast games using Natural Language Processing (NL) and text, specifically the text from the pre-game reports on While this research is much more in depth on the ML/NLP side of things I’ve tried to minimize that and focus this post on the hockey #fancystats. If you are interested in learning more about the ML and NLP techniques send me a message and I can share that academic research.

To learn how I used text to predict games, click past the jump.


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The Log Off Podcast: "LOG OFF, GARTH!"

Dimitri Filipovic
February 07 2014 02:26PM

Topics covered on today's edition of the show:

  • The trade between the Islanders and Blackhawks. Why, Garth? You need to log off already. 
  • A look at the impending FA market, and how the league's parity could impact the deadline.
  • Most importantly, we made our picks for this weekend. Loser has to track Latvia/Switzerland.

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