A List Of 10 People Who Did Not Score 4 Goals As Quickly As Auston Matthews

October 17 2016 07:00AM

There was a lot of excitement in Leafs Nation heading into the 2016-17 NHL season, with a crop of top prospects that included 1st overall pick Auston Matthews, Memorial Cup MVP Mitch Marner, and Swedish wunderkind William Nylander.  It took just one game for that excitement to pay off when Matthews put in an incredible four goal performance, setting an NHL record as the only player to score four times in their NHL debut.  Matthews' performance is even more impressive when you realise that only one player (Sam Bennett) had a 4-goal game last year, and only 13 players have matched that total in the past five seasons.

Scoring four goals in one game is quite rare; doing it in your first NHL game even moreso.  But how long does it normally take for a star to score their first four career goals?  For that matter, how long does it take someone who isn't as skilled as most first overall picks?  Let's delve into some history and find out.

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The Flames are quietly preparing for the NHL expansion draft

Ryan Pike
October 16 2016 02:15PM

We're only three games into the 2016-17 National Hockey League season for the Calgary Flames, but one shadow will loom over this entire year: the upcoming 2017 NHL Expansion Draft.

With the Las Vegas Desert Knights, er, No-Names, joining the NHL for 2017-18, we're having an expansion draft in late June. That additional draft will mean a flurry of additional trade and signing activity, and has already resulted in a ton of pro scout traffic in the early season. (Traditionally, pro scouts only head out en masse prior to the trade deadline.)

How are the Flames looking in regards to the expansion draft and its various requirements?

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Why The Jets Need Toby Enstrom

October 16 2016 11:55AM

There are often players that go unheralded for their performance on the ice and how their play affects the team overall. These players are typically not talked about because they are miscast as having no heart, grit or aren't very flashy. But, what these players bring to the team is stability. 

Toby Enstrom is one of these players for the Winnipeg Jets

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It's All There For Matthews To Be Best Leaf Ever. Yes. I Said It.

Greg Brady
October 15 2016 01:36PM

Photo Credit: Marc DesRosiers/USA TODAY SPORTS

It's what could be considered some form of "synchronicity" (no, not just the Police's 2nd best album of all-time behind "Ghost In The Machine", but events that can be considered "meaningful coincidences"), Auston Matthews became the first-ever NHL player to score four goals in his first game, followed 48 hours later by the Maple Leafs introducing their Top 100 All-Time Maple Leafs list, which of course, as it's supposed to do, sparked debate, discussion, and even mild controversy.

No, Matthews isn't on the list already.  But it's truly all there for the taking.  Yes, number ONE is available, if Matthews plays 15 years of All-Star level hockey and accomplishes the mere task of adding any sort of hardware to the Leafs' collection.  

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Is this the end of the Flames' enforcer era?

Taylor McKee
October 14 2016 02:00PM

It happened so quickly, and yet with the Flames so slowly, that it is possible you may have missed it. With Brandon Bollig clearing waivers last Tuesday, it is possible that the last pure enforcer has played for the Calgary Flames.

To start this season, the Flames have decided that, at best, their lineup would have players who could punch faces if need be and not as their modus operandi. Big deal right? Well, to many who have grown up watching the Flames, or most NHL franchises for that matter, this is a departure from essential NHL roster construction and a direct path to how some fell in love with the game itself. Let's talk about this after the jump.

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