The Leafs need to get Frederik Andersen out of the net right now

Jeff Veillette
October 26 2016 11:25AM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Late in the third period of last night's game, Frederik Andersen made a routine pad save. The crowd gave him a sarcastic "Bronx Cheer." A person behind me yells "I can't believe they're paying $5 million for this", and another calls him the worst investment since Vesa Toskala.

I turn around, as I've been talking back and forth between the group throughout the game, and note that I'm not ready to write the guy off after six games, given his history. The one who made the latter statement agreed, but stressed that, since he's paying good money for these seats, he's going to vent some in-the-moment frustration in the meantime.

Hard to argue with that logic, really. If I didn't get the tickets as a gift, I probably wouldn't have been thrilled at the idea of paying lower bowl prices to watch the Leafs put some of their weaker shots of the year towards the net in hopes of getting a lucky bounce or two to stop the goal bleeding on the other end. It was undoubtedly Andersen's roughest night on the job since coming here, and the whole ordeal got me to thinking: the Leafs should probably pull him away from the pipes for a little bit.

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It Might Be Time for Kyle Connor to Wear Antlers

Dustin Mymko
October 26 2016 08:00AM

With 14 shifts and 10:09 in ice time at the Heritage Classic (both low marks thus far in the young season) and now being a healthy scratch in favour of Chris Thorburn, Kyle Connor has seen his opportunity to contribute to the Winnipeg Jets decrease as the first five games has progressed. There have been some flashes of brilliance that remind us of what we saw when he ripped up the NCAA, but there have also been some glaring hiccups in his play (especially defensively) and it may be time for him to spend some time in the AHL. When we consider that the Jets have not yet recalled anyone to play in Bryan Little's spot since his injury, perhaps the time has come to call up Andrew Copp and Marko Dano. 

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The Leafs aren't that concerning, and the wins will come

Jeff Veillette
October 25 2016 11:25AM

Photo Credit: Matt Marton/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Toronto Maple Leafs are 1-1-3 to start the season. They have lost 80% of their games this season. They had the lead in every game that they lost; sometimes by as many as four goals. Many have taken this as a sign that this is the same ol' Leafs as last year, with a couple of more promising kids to keep fans entertained but the same general results. I've even seen the t-word used again by those who want the Leafs to add another blue chip prospect.

In a weird way, it feels like people are getting carried away by not being carried enough away. The end result of these five games has been about as close as you can get to a worst case scenario, but the process is light-years ahead of anything the Leafs have shown in a very long time.

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By The Numbers: Is the Jets goaltending or team defense to blame?

Garret Hohl
October 25 2016 11:00AM

The Winnipeg Jets have started the season rocky in the goals against department. They have allowed three goals in their most recent game, and four each in the remainder.

Of course, this has ultimately brought up the conversation on who to blame.

Since the move to Manitoba, the topic of goaltending has been both a hot and controversial topic. Over the previous three seasons the Jets have a +416 Corsi differential, +290 Fenwick differential, +86 shot on goal differential, and -59 goal differential over all minutes in 380 games, where their starting goaltender posted a save percentage below that of his back-ups combined.

So, let's take a dig into the small samples and really suss out who is to blame.

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Watch The Game Episode 4: Small Sample Sizes Galore!

Watch The Game Podcast
October 24 2016 03:13PM


We're just over a week into the season, meaning we have a whole bunch of bizarre, unpredictable small sample size results to analyze! The Oilers, Canucks, and Habs are at the top of the league's standings, while the Flames, Leafs and other teams you'd expect to be good are in the basement. What conclusions can we draw from these situations? Cam Lewis and Sam Blazer take a look. 

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