Fun with the CBA: Waiver Priority Order

Ryan Biech
October 28 2016 03:00PM

Over the past couple of days, there have been some intriguing options placed on waivers. Dylan McIlrath, Magnus Paajarvi and Teemu Pulkkinen were all exposed over the last couple of days. Yes, these players have flaws to their games, but they are still quite young and given the Canucks current situation, might've been worth a flyer.

There is obviously a lot that goes into the decision to claim a player on waivers, thus there are many opinions on the subject matter. But that isn't what I wanted to cover today.

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The Canucks are Letting Jake Virtanen Flounder in "Limbo-Land"

Jeremy Davis
October 28 2016 11:41AM

For the second straight year, there are concerns in Canuck Nation about the deployment of young Jake Virtanen. The sixth overall pick in 2014 is averaging under 10 minutes a night so far this season, and the frustration is beginning to show. Be it a phantom injury, ice time woes, a lack of confidence, or a lack of trust from the coach, Virtanen’s 2016-17 campaign isn’t starting off the way that we were hoping.

While the comparisons to William Nylander and Nik Ehlers are always going to be there, at this point it’s best to view Virtanen on his own, and the biggest question right now is: is he being handled properly by Vancouver’s coaching staff and management. To that, I’d have to answer with a resounding no.

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Mitch Marner's skillset is too big to worry about him being small

Jeff Veillette
October 28 2016 10:19AM

Photo Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY SPORTS

Sometimes, when somebody describes a hockey player, you get a mental image of them in your head. The summer of inane arguments about Kris Russell, both involving the Leafs and other teams, gave me a mental image of a hulking, physical, shot blocking machine. Has to be, with the way people talk about him; my eyes must've just been deceiving me when he looked pretty pedestrian-sized on my TV.

Sure enough, he's 5'10, 170. A real-world average height and weight who's description is larger than life. This post isn't about Kris Russell in the slightest, but it was baffling to me that this guy, who gets talked about as the player who is more likely to take a player out of the league than to get taken out, is an inch shorter and about the same weight as Mitch Marner.

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Red Wings Piling Up Points -- Real Or Fake Progress?

Greg Brady
October 28 2016 09:42AM

With last night's win in St. Louis, the Detroit Red Wings are starting to get not their just own fanbase, but countless NHL observers to stand up and take notice.  There are some impressive factors that have led the Wings to snag 12 points in 8 games so far.  How good a start is this based on recent history?  Well, let's say then can finish the first 10-game segment of this season with 15 points -- want to know the last time they did that?

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Are the Flames scoring as much as they should be?

Ryan Pike
October 28 2016 08:00AM

We're eight games into the 2016-17 season, just shy of 10% through the schedule. The Flames have won three of their eight games and there are a few questions afoot about their scoring. Are they doing enough of it? Or are they scoring about as much as you'd expect (and the "blame" for the losses more falls on their defensive play and goaltenders)?

Using each player's career shooting (and save) percentages as a guide, we've dug into the Flames' numbers thus far in the season to find out.

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