NHL First Round Playoff Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Sam Blazer
April 12 2017 04:44PM

Two teams that just plain old don't like one another face-off tonight. 

The Blue Jackets and the Penguins are Metro division rivals who both finished with above 100 points on the season. What do they get for their troubles? A rough and tumble first round match up against one another.

Who emerges victorious?

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NHL First Round Playoff Preview: Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues

Scott Maxwell
April 12 2017 02:45PM

Ladies and gents, we have ourselves a choke-off. 

In one corner, we have the Minnesota Wild, who in four years of making the playoffs, have a grand total of two wins past the first round. In the other corner, we have the St. Louis Blues, who in five years of making the playoffs, finally made it to the Conference Finals last year. Both teams have reputations that they don't want, and this series is a great place to start. The Blues are in a transition period, while the Wild are looking at a closing window.

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Watch the Game Episode 34: Rating the Rangers with Pat Keogh

Watch The Game Podcast
April 12 2017 01:34PM

watch the game image

Recorded a week and a half ago, Sam spoke with fellow NHL Numbers writer Pat Keogh about the New York Rangers season and what expectations have/haven't been met this year. 

They talk Jimmy Vesey, Henrik Lundqvist and much, much more. Get into it!

Happy belated birthday Pat!

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2016-17 Playoff Predictions

Christiaan Conradie
April 12 2017 12:12PM

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The regular season is over and five Canadian teams made the playoffs. Quite the change from last year, when none made it. Just like last year, however, the Washington Capitals won the President's Trophy and are a hot pick to win the Stanley Cup. 

Do the numbers have a different prediction? In this article I'll look at shot and goal differentials to separate the pretenders from contenders. 

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Why the Stanley Cup is one team's to lose

Shawn Reis
April 12 2017 10:01AM

Several teams check off some of the boxes of a true Cup contender. But usually, the winner of the Cup checks off all of them. It's why so many people had Pittsburgh winning the Cup last year, and Chicago before that, and Los Angeles before that, and so on. This year there's only one team that checks off all of those boxes, and it's the Washington Capitals.

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